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  • Water based chlorine Free
  • Ideal for removal of grime from cuffs and collars
  • No soaking and scrubbing
  • Safe for Clothes
  • Extremely cost-effective
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    • Fabo stain Remover

Why buy IFB Essentials Fabo Stain Remover


  • Effective against stains caused by protein and non-protein based substances such as egg, blood, grass, tea, coffee, wine, oil, ketchup etc.
  • Ideal for removal of grime from cuffs and collars, making them as good as new
  • No soaking and scrubbing of stains is required
  • Safe for Clothes as it does not contain bleach
  • Extremely cost-effective Only a few drops are needed to treat the stains


IFB Essentials Fabo Stain Remover is a special enzyme and solvent based pre wash stain remover that gets rids of stubborn stains without harming the natural fibres fabric. The stain remover proves greatly effective against the stains caused by stubborn materials such as egg, blood, grass, tea, coffee, wine, oil, ketchup and so forth. Is it always a struggle to take off the stubborn dirt and grime from cuffs and collars? Then IFB Essentials Fabo Stain Remover proves an ideal solution that to remove all the dirt and grime from the cuffs and collars and make it as new.


For using the IFB Essentials Fabo Stain Remover you need not soak or scrub the stain from the clothes. As the stain remover does not contain bleach, the liquid is considered absolutely safe for the clothes as it does not damage them. The procedure for application is as follows; place a stained fabric on a hanger, hold the spray bottle in an upright position and sprinkle in a uniform direction over the stain. Allow the stain remover to soak for 5 minutes and finally wash it as usual. The stain remover is highly cost effective as only a few drops are required for the desired result.




Do not use the IFB Essentials Fabo Stain Remover with silk, georgette or woollen fabrics