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  • Eliminates 99% of Germs, Bacteria Through Ozone
  • Sanitizes Your Product in 20 Minutes
  • Removes Odour Along with Sterilization
  • Large Size Chamber
  • LED Mood Light with 7 Different Colours
  • Charge and Sanitize At The Same Time
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Itek
    • Model Series

    • Ozone Box
    • Model Number

    • OD100
  • Product Aesthetics

    • Color

    • White
    • Color Family

    • White

Presenting you the Itek Ozone Box Smart Disinfector which offers you with efficient usage. It helps to disinfect your phone and other gadgets in just 20 minutes. Easy to use the touch-sensitive control button. You can charge and sanitize at the same time with the inbuilt USB charging port. The Ozone Power is of 0.2 Watt. Connect the Smart disinfector with an external output of 5 Volt DC power supply. Do not use a higher voltage than 5 Volt as it may damage the Smart disinfector and the connected gadget inside. Make sure the cover is closed completely during the sanitization process to maintain the disinfection effect.

Brilliant Performance

With the Itek Ozone Box Smart Disinfector also works as a night lamp with 7 different mood lights. It uses Ozone to eliminate 99% of germs and bacteria. Scientific research shows that the rate at which ozone can kill bacteria is much higher than while using ultraviolet or any other method. Ozone when used in a relatively sealed environment can achieve 360 degree sterilization unlike UV which only works in a straight line thereby resulting in blind spots and incomplete sterilization. Ozone also helps in removing bad odour making it a perfect disinfector.

Awesome Design

The Itek Ozone Box Smart Disinfector comes with the large size chamber, easily fits mobile phones, gadgets, earphones, cards, keys, wallet, masks, gloves, etc. Removes odour along with sterilization. Ozone Concentration is of 10 mg/hour. The product is built for indoor use only. Do not expose the product to liquid, moisture, or humidity. Do not use abrasive cleaning solvents to clean the product. Do not export the product to extremely high or low temperatures. Do not attempt to disassemble the product as it may damage the internal circuit and the high-pressure generator containing ozone.