Buy Kaiterra Laser Egg Air Quality Monitor for Accurate Detection of Air Pollution (Wi-Fi Connectivity, LE000200A, White) Online – Croma
  • Suitable For: Home
  • Installation Type: Portable
  • 2.6” Full Color LCD
  • Indicates: PM Rating | Temperature | Humidity
  • 12 Months Warranty
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    • Home
    • Installation Type

    • Portable
  • Feature & Functions

    • Air Quality Reading Details

    • PM2.5: Laser-based light scattering (MIE); Measurable Particle Size: 0.3μm-10μm; Range:1-999μg/m³; Accuracy: ±10% (<30μg/m³:±3μg/m³); Resolution: 1μg/m³; ResponseTime:100ms
    • PM Rating Details

    • Laser-based light scattering (MIE) Measurable Particle Size: 0.3μm-10μm, Range:1-999μg/m³, Accuracy: ±10%(<30μg/m³:±3μg/m³), Resolution: 1μg/m³, Response Time: 100ms
    • Operating Temperature & Humidity

    • Operating Temperature: Range:-20℃-100℃ Resolution:1℃, Relative Humidity: Range:0-99%RH Resolution:1%
    • Additional Features & Functions

    • Compatible Software: iOS 9.0 and newer, Android5.0 and newer | Works with: Apple HomeKit, IFTTT

Why buy Kaiterra Laser Egg Air Quality Indicator 


  • Accurate optical sensors that count individual particles in the air, and Kaiterra's innovative cloud-based calibration
  • Monitors your air from anywhere with the Kaiterra App. Get access to historical trends and receive alerts when the air exceeds levels you set
  • Works with other smart home devices via Apple HomeKit and IFTTT. Set up your ecosystem to run on auto-pilot for a safe and comfortable home
  • Global system that allows us to report on air quality to institutions and researchers helping us stop pollution at the source


Do you have issues with the air you breathe in the surroundings? Do you suffer from allergies, lung health conditions, skin health and are deprived of sleep? Then you very well need to monitor the air quality by using the Kaiterra Laser Egg Air Quality Indicator. With the air quality monitor, you will now be able to keep track of the air quality index, measure particles in air, figure out the temperature and humidity and the weather forecast. It is absolutely necessary to ensure that you and your loved ones breathe in the right kind of air to lead a healthy life.


Kaiterra Laser Egg Air Quality Indicator gives you an accurate detail for exposure to fine particles such as PM2.5. This proves highly beneficial in terms of tracking air pollution caused mainly due to smoking that can lead to further cardiovascular and lung diseases. It has a Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it compatible with iOS9.0 and newer models and is also inclusive of Android5.0.  the readings can be seamlessly monitored through your mobile through the Apple HomeKit, IFTTT app. Apart from the essentials usages, the egg air quality monitor comes with multiple features such as multi-lingual program that allows you to choose language as per your convenience, has international AQI standards, has sleep settings and comes with an 8-hour battery life. Invest in the air quality indicator and improve your breathing space with quality air. Book Kaiterra Laser Egg Air Quality Indicator online, now!