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Rice Cookers

Rice cooking was earlier considered to be tedious because of the conventional pots pans and other utensils used. But now with the latest range of rice cookers you will not only enjoy cooking but also savour the delicious and finely cooked rice. These cookers take up less power supply and spread the heat evenly from the bottom to the rim of the utensil. You can choose and adjust the temperature settings as per your cooking purpose. They are coated with different materials such as ceramic diamond powder etc. that are safe to use. You can quickly cook your favourite recipes such as plain rice vegetable rice biryani lemon rice etc. At Croma we offer a broad range of rice cookers from the best brands such as Bajaj Panasonic Philips Preethi and many more. There are different sizes colours and designs from which you can choose the one to match your requirement. Forget standing beside the gas stove cooking and waiting to boil the rice. These modern rice cookers are technologically advanced and do not require supervision. They provide an efficient performance and cook the rice perfectly with uniformity. Few models work on auto function that turns off automatically once the cooking is complete. This not only helps you focus on other household chores but also promotes power saving. They have a non-stick bottom at the base of the pot to prevent the rice from sticking. This kitchen essential is equipped with a lid to provide you with a secure grip and avoid burns on your hands. Some of the models consist of tempered lids with steam vents to let out the required vent and increase the flavour of the dish. These models feature indicator lights to remind you of whether the appliance is switched on or off. Rice cookers are low on maintenance and easy to clean. They are available in various capacities to let you cook rice in smaller or larger quantities. Go through the different product reviews and specifications of the diverse models and make the right purchase. Buy the best pressure cookers from our online shop at a reasonable price

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