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We live in an era where life without computers is unimaginable. Everywhere we go, we need a computer. Laptops, the portable computers have made this possible. We can carry our office work, stay socially connected, carry our favourite movies, games and songs with us wherever we wish to go. Along with the benefits of a desktop, laptops provide us with the convenience of easy-mobility, without sacrificing the efficiency.

This design guide will familiarize you with the general features of laptops, and categorize them as per usage, so that you can choose the right one based on your requirements. It will also give you an idea of the must-have accessories to make optimal use of your laptop.

The guide is ideal for:


  • First time laptop buyers
  • Buyers who want to upgrade from desktop computers to laptops
  • Buyers exploring the market for better options matching their requirements
  • Buyers looking for latest products in the market