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  • 223.52 cm (88"), Ultra HD 8K TV
  • Smart TV
  • 80 Watts | 4.2 Channel
  • 3 x USB| 4 x HDMI
  • Ideal Viewing Distance: 15Ft & Above
  • 12 Months Warranty
  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Ultra HD 8K
    • Television Features

    • Smart TV
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 15 Ft & Above
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  • Beautiful slender design complements any decor style, be it modern or conventional
  • 8k resolution and α9 Gen 3 AI processor with AI Picture Pro offer lifelike visuals
  • Dolby Atmos and AI Sound Pro deliver a truly immersive aural experience
  • Self-lighting OLED and infinite contrast ensure the brightest whites and deepest blacks
  • HDR 10 Pro lets you dive into a wide spectrum of brilliant colours
  • WebOS and AI ThinQ open up a world of apps and voice-assisted control
  • G-Sync-compatible and FreeSync for a seamless and lag-free gaming experience


Bigger and sleeker than ever, smart TVs are loaded with all the bells and whistles you could possibly want without taking up much space. Lay your hands on the beautifully designed, minimalist LG 223.52CM (88 INCH) ULTRA HD 8K OLED SMART TV online, which makes for a gorgeous centerpiece in your living room even when it’s not powered on. Movies and shows are captured by cameras capable of the latest resolutions, so to fully enjoy them, go for TVs with the highest possible resolution your money can buy. Boasting an 88-inch 8k self-lighting OLED display with AI Picture Pro, this TV gives you a true-to-life viewing experience. And if you turn on the Filmmaker Mode, you can watch movies in full motion picture effect, just the way the director intended you to see it. No matter how stunning, visuals will lose their impact when paired with speakers that are not powerful enough. The 4.2 channel speakers and AI Sound Pro and Dolby Atmos work in tandem to deliver clear dialogues and punchy bass, giving you a theatre-like experience. What’s more, one of the reasons smart TVs are called smart is because they’re powered by fast processors that deliver an overall enhanced experience. You can seamlessly multitask between apps and games and use other features without a glitch, thanks to this smart TV’s α9 Gen 3 AI processor. If your TV flickers or lags when you’re watching action scenes like a puma chasing its prey or a player speed dribbling the ball, it’s time to get a model with a better refresh rate. Keep up with all the on-screen action with this TV, which has a variable refresh rate along with a higher frame rate and response time of less than 1ms. Moreover, the variable refresh rate, Auto Low Latency Mode, and eARC (Enhanced Audio Return Channel) features ensure synchronized graphics for a true-to-life gaming experience.


TVs compatible with HDR preserve the gradation from light to dark, rendering rich details and vivid hues like never before. Buy LG 223.52CM (88 INCH) ULTRA HD 8K OLED SMART TV to immerse your senses in a wide spectrum of brilliant colours with this HDR 10 Pro TV. If you watch TV at night with the same brightness and contrast settings you use for daylight viewing, it’s a sure-shot recipe for a headache or eye fatigue. With this hassle-free OLED TV, you can enjoy an optimal view in any room regardless of the lighting and content genre, as its smart Dolby Vision IQ detects the ambient light and adjusts the brightness and contrast automatically. Unless your TV has advanced contrast ratio technology, scenes with the black night sky will look like a washed-out grey instead. View every shade of black and enjoy brighter highlights on this TV, which features the Infinite Contrast technology and an advanced color and contrast enhancer. And featuring a seamless and intuitive LG webOS, this TV lets you enter a world of entertainment with content from Disney+ Hotstar, the Apple TV app, Netflix, and Prime Videos. The OS coupled with LG’s smart AI ThinQ and built-in Google and Alexa, lets you control the TV and your entire IoT ecosystem using just your voice, allowing you to sit back and relax. You can also use the ergonomically designed Magic Remote to click, scroll and point and intuitively operate this TV. Moreover, the HGiG profile ensures that the graphics are tailored to suit your TV’s specifications and performance for the best picture quality. And as it is compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync, this 8k TV will render a fluid gaming experience with negligible lag and stutter. You can use this OLED TV for entertainment, gaming, or work all day without any noticeable eye strain it emits less blue light and keeps flickering to a bare minimum. For enhanced connectivity, this 8k TV comes with two USB ports, four HDMI 2.1 ports, an audio out, a LAN port, and more. With all these features enjoy a memorable movie nights with your loved ones. Order the LG 223.52CM (88 INCH) ULTRA HD 8K OLED SMART TV online right now!