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Today humanity’s very survival is dependent on the sustainability of our environment. In this context where each of us tries to balance our aspirations and needs with the needs of the environment, Croma steps in to promote a culture of responsible consumption.

Croma works with leadings brands and OEMs to make resource efficient gadgets more accessible to its customers, uses LED lighting in its stores and only uses recycled paper for shopping bags.

This Independence week, as you prepare to go shopping, we would like you to check out our

e-ware campaign. From rewards for e-waste disposal, generous exchange bonuses on bringing in old gadget for reuse to attractive deals on resource efficient gadgets.

Be E-ware! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle for a Brighter Tomorrow


Strive to Reduce, with what you choose!

We bring you an expertly curated range of the best environmentally sustainable consumer durables focused on energy efficiency, reduced resource consumption and environmental conservation. From ACs with Inverter technology to washing machines that use less water, choosing these products you can rest assured you’re being e-ware!

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No time for an excuse, it’s time to Reuse!

Where is your old flip phone or your CRT TV? Either laying unused and forgotten in your house, or in a pile of garbage causing environmental damage. Introducing an all new Green Bonus, we aim to boost the reuse spirit amongst our customers by rewarding them with great discounts and exchange offers on laptops. We also welcome in refurbished laptops turning your old into somebody else’s new.

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You Recycle, we Reward.

E-waste is a serious concern in India, where old CRT TVs still lay collecting dust in most households and old mobile phones are carelessly disposed of in the garbage. Our e-ware program is committed to changing that trend, rewarding responsible disposal of e-waste with special offers for our customers! We also plant a tree for every customer that chooses to donate their e-waste.

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