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The times have been tough. And we understand your concerns for the safety of your loved ones and yourself. That is why we wanted to let you know, that we have come up with troubleshooting services. Our team of experienced and qualified technicians will help you fix your appliances/devices remotely.



Q.1 Are Repair shops open? What is Remote Troubleshooting Service?

Repair shops may not be open however if your appliances/devices are not working properly, you can raise a request with us. Our experienced and proficient technicians will assist by trying to diagnose and fix the issue remotely. 


Q.2 My blender isn’t working properly, will you help me fix it?

No, our team of technicians will assist you in fixing problems related to AC, TV, Microwave, Laptop, Smartphone, Washing Machine, Refrigerator and Water Purifier. 


Q.3 I am in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, will you be able to assist me in this area?

Yes, the troubleshooting service is available all across India.


Q.4 How much does an AC Repair cost in this program?

Repair cost usually varies from the issue however we will try to repair your AC remotely via call without an additional fee. But if observed that a technician visit is required we will arrange for a technician once feasible at a nominal fee of Rs.599


Q.5 Looking for a Smartphone repair service at home?

Repairs for your smartphone can be classified into two types Software & Hardware repairs. For a software service we can help diagnose and resolve your issue remotely as much as possible. However on diagnosing identified it’s an hardware issue and does require a repair we can align a service request for it to be fixed at a service centre once open.


Q.6 Washing machine repair near me?

You are just a phone call away from us helping you repair your washing machine.


Q.7 Refrigerator not cooling enough. Can you help?

While refrigerator cooling issues are mostly due to refrigerant/ coolant leakage, there could be a possibility that there are other reasons why it may not be cooling. Our technicians will be happy to assist your over phone to diagnose the issue.


Q.8 My TV has spots/ lines on the screen. How to repair the same?

Spots on TV screen often come due to humidity and ambient temperature variations. Our technicians will make a video call to you to assess the reason behind the same.


Q.9 How can I register the issue?

You will have to fill in the required details in the given form and our technicians will assist you in fixing the problem within 24-48 hours of registration. Further, the technician may ask you for a video call to inspect the appliance/device, if required.


Q.10 What are the charges of the troubleshooting service?

The service is free of cost and can be availed by anyone across India.


Q.11 What if my issue can not be fixed remotely?

Our technicians will try their best to resolve the issue remotely, but in case they are unable to do so, you can opt for a technician visit at your place by purchasing one of the several plans available on