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  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wet and Dry Cleaning
  • Ideal For: Home | Office
  • Bagless, Back Dust Tank, Suction Power: 1500 Pa
  • 12 Months Warranty, 5 Years Suction Motor Warranty
  • Product Category

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    • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
    • Form Factor

    • Robot
    • Ideal For

    • Home/Office
  • Manufacturer Details

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    • Milagrow
    • Model Series

    • Seagull
    • Model Number

    • Seagull

Why buy Milagrow Seagull 30 Watts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Gyro Mapping Technology for real-time map building and accurate coverage
Alexa Voice Enabled for smart voice control
Wet Mopping without water tank for anti-microbial cleansing
NIDEC Brushless Motor with 1500Pa suction power for powerful suction
3 Cleaning Styles for smart and efficient home-cleaning
Pet Hair Cleaning for households that need a pet-friendly vacuum cleaner
Robotic Self-Charging to remain always performance-ready
Robotic Scheduling to schedule cleaning time even when you’re away from home
Robotic Obstacle & Fall Sensors to allow intelligent navigation and prevent damage to the device
0.65L Large Dust Tank Capacity that negates the need of emptying your bin every day

Cleansing homes had never been this smart and hassle-free before! Therefore, get the Milagrow Seagull 30 Watts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner online. Packed with the innovative Gyro Mapping Technology and smart sensors, this robotic vacuum cleaner is credited as the thinnest vacuum cleaning robot in India. With the 7.2cm thin and 35.6cm cleaning width, it easily slips under any furniture and low-surface effortlessly, covering a wider area and reaching distant corners. From concrete to wood to marble – this vacuum cleaner covers every surface. And if at all it gets stuck in a corner or on a cord, the Robotic Disentanglement feature makes the robot rotate the brushes and slow the speed to reverse and find a new path. With Milagrow Seagull’s Robotic 6th Sense, say goodbye to manual supervision and constant human interaction. This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner takes on a lot of work on its own, just as a robot should! Starting from Robotic Dirt Sensing, Robotic Scheduling, Robotic Virtual Wall Detection to Robotic Obstacle Detection, Robotic Fall Detection and Robotic Self-Charging – this vacuum cleaner does many more.

The Milagrow Seagull 30 Watts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner features the 'Gyro Mapping' technology and uses Earth's gravity to help determine orientation. It also makes the real-time map of your house for accurate geographical coverage. Pick between any modes – spot spiral, smart zig-zag and wall-to-wall cleaning mode – your homes are spotless with not a speck of dirt to be found. When you buy Milagrow Seagull 30 Watts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, you get the maximum cleaning benefits and an assurance that your home stays clean and hygienic. The HEPA filter installed in the cleaner removes 99.7% of particulate matter and keeps the general living conditions pure and germ-free. With the wet mopping without water tank feature ensures that the floors are anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-virus making this robotic cleaner ideal for hospitals and other medical institutions. To add, the 1500Pa suction power with a special turbo suction mode allows you to clean tough, dirty surfaces. With 0.65L large dustbin, you don’t have to clean the bin every day. 

If you’ve pets at home, then Milagrow Seagull 30 Watts Robotic Vacuum Cleaner is definitely for you! It easily sucks in the loose pet hair left around by your pets at home. Be assured that this robotic cleaner takes care of itself. Once the battery reaches 15%, it automatically connects itself to the charging dock. You can also use the dock to schedule your Milagrow Seagull for a specific cleaning time via a mobile app. So even you’re out for a trip, you come back to a neat and clean home! The Robotic Obstacle & Fall Sensors to allow intelligent navigation and prevent damage to the device by dodging your house furniture and preventing fall from steps. For optimum cleaning performance, this robotic vacuum cleaner comes with a speed adjuster and no worries, it is super silent as well.