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    • 2 GB RAM, Internal Memory 16 GB
    • MediaTek MT6737 64-bit Quad-Core 1.3GHz Processor
    • 8 MP Rear Camera, 2 MP Front Camera
    • Android 7.0 Nougat Operating System
    • 4000 mAh Battery

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  • Android mobiles


    Android mobile is a type of smartphone that uses the Android operating system. The Android operating system is free, has fewer restrictions and can be easily customized by phone manufacturers as well as App developers. Android phones quickly gained market share after it was launched and by the year 2018, more than 85% of smartphones were using the Android operating system. Due to the majority of brands using the Android operating system, customers have a large variety to choose among Android smartphones ranging from low priced phones to some of the top Android phones. They have very good support from App developers for the creation and updates of mobile apps.


    Features of the latest Android phones


    Some of the features of pure Android phones depending upon the brand and model are as follows:


    1. General: This includes general mobile features like messaging, web browser, auto correction and dictionary, multi-touch, voice-based features, screen capture, multitasking, multi-language support, accessibility support like Text-to-speech technology.
    2. Connectivity: These include GSM, LTE, CDMA, Bluetooth, Tethering, etc.
    3. Media: This includes media support for audio, video or still formats (e.g. MPEG, MP3, JPEG, GIF, etc.), streaming media (e.g. Adobe flash streaming, 3GPP, RealPlayer, etc.) and external storage (e.g. microSD, USB flash drives, etc.)
    4. Hardware support: New Android phones include a touchscreen, cameras, sensors (e.g. GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer, Barometer, Proximity sensor, Thermometer, etc.)
    5. Other support: Android phones support Java, connectivity to external devices (e.g. through HDMI, Miracast, etc.), SQLite, etc.
      They have an option for automatically updating with stable and regular updates of software for these features once they are released.


    Benefits of Android phones


    The functionality of processors, cameras, sensors, battery, etc. of all Android mobiles could vary greatly depending upon the phone type. However Android phones, in general, have the following benefits:


    1. The largest collection of mobile apps: Android phones have the best support among the developer community for mobile apps. Google Play had more than 2.6 million apps by Dec 2018. One can also buy mobile apps outside the Play store from online marketplaces such as Amazon.
    2. More choice for customers: Android phones had 2 billion active users monthly by May 2017. There is far more variety of Android phones as compared to any other types of phones. As a result, there is a lot more competition among Android phone manufacturers to differentiate themselves by providing better quality or better prices.
    3. Lesser restrictions for multimedia: Android phones have a lesser restriction in multimedia such as mandatory iTunes or restriction on devices on which downloaded movies can play.
    4. Expandable memory: Upgrading storage capacity of iPhones need costly upgrades or buying plans for iCloud but the memory of Android phones can easily be expanded using microSD cards.
    5. Customized keyboard: Android phones offer more options to change the virtual keyboard.
    6. Removable batteries: Batteries of Android phones can be removed easily by the user or a repair person.
    7. Synchronized with Google products: Android operating system lets users synchronize their Google accounts in order to provide quick access to Google products like Google maps, Gmail, Google calendar, etc.
    8. More widgets: Android phones have the option to add more widgets which improves the utility of the phone. E.g. HD widgets, Muzei Live Wallpaper, Battery widget reborn, Tasker, etc.
    9. Customized firmware: New Android mobiles have the option to create "Custom ROMs" or customized firmware so as to adapt according to the special needs of users or manufacturers. For example processing power, battery life, the color of notification, force of vibration, colors of the screen, etc. can be customized.
    10. Option to customize infrared: Android phones have the option to customize and use phone's infrared for wireless communication with an external device. For example, it can be customized to be used as a TV remote.

    Best Android phones in India


    Some of the latest Android phones at Croma are Nokia Android phone, Samsung mobiles, Oppo Android mobile, Vivo Android phone, Motorola Android phone, OnePlus Android phone, Xiaomi Android mobile, etc. In addition, Croma also has a good collection of Basic mobile phones, Windows phones, and iPhone mobiles. Croma has some of the best smartphones in India.


    Buy Android mobiles at Croma

    You can visit the nearest Croma store and obtain hands-on experience of mobile phones before placing your order. We accept cash, credit/debit cards, gift cards and also offer attractive EMI options. We offer free delivery for most items. You can also ask our staff to explain to you about extended warranties for items bought at Croma. We have a dedicated 24/7 customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Croma has a vast collection of mobiles ranging from low price Android mobile phones to some of the best upcoming Android phones. Their price depends upon the features and brand of the phone.


    Buy Android mobile phones online

    You can also buy Android phones online by visiting It is your one-stop destination that enlists an extensive range of best Android mobiles. Android phones price varies depending upon the brand and model of phone. We offer quick delivery and also have the option of cash on delivery for items purchased online. We deliver items throughout India for orders placed online. We ensure a reliable and secure online transaction mode so that you do not fall victim to any means of online fraud while buying your preferred Android smartphone. You can also register your phone and email at to get the best offers. Croma has some of the best Android phones in India.


    Shop from our wide range of Android Phones online at great prices from brands like Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia with dual-sim, low-light cameras, gorrila glass. Get the best online shopping deals and enjoy fast delivery from Croma
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