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MP3 and MP4 players offer an easy and convenient way to take your music and video wherever you go. All you have to do is to transfer the files from your computer to the player and your favourite tracks will be at your finger tips. You can enjoy the music tracks by pairing your player with headphones, portable speakers and via a built-in screen. MP3 players store music while MP4 players can accommodate music and videos. The most famous among portable players has been the Apple iPod although there are a host of other MP3 and MP4 players that are well worth your attention.

This buying guide will take you through the whole process of what and how you should buy anMP3 or MP4 player. It will not only tell you about the different parts and features but also expound on the latest MP3/MP4 players available in the market.

Who is this buying guide written for?


  • Any individual who has a passion for music
  • Those who wish to enjoy their favourite audio-video tracks on the go
What is an MP3 and MP4 player?

An MP3 player is a portable device that digitally reads and plays audio files. Today, there are a variety of MP3 players, ranging from the renowned Apple's iPod to the ones that are less known. â??MP3 playerâ?? has been named after the well-known audio format MPEG Audio Layer 3.

On contrary to the MP3 player, an MP4 player is a device that can read and play MPEG format video files in addition to MP3 audio files. Therefore, the usual MP4 players have a little screen on which the user can watch videos anywhere, anytime.


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