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How To Use
While travelling

Carrying your conventional stereo player along with you is absolutely inconvenient. Portable MP3/MP4 players, on the other hand, seem to be the ideal option for keeping you connected to your favourite tunes.

Also look for:
  • Hard Drive based players: If you wish to store more data or travel by car. You require an FM transmitter or a Bluetooth transmitter (Bluetooth compatible player is a must) to listen to the tunes through your car stereo.
  • Flash Based Players: A flash based MP3 player teamed with a pair of headphones with noise cancellation offers more convenience if you tend to commute on foot or by local transport.
During workouts and other extreme activities

A compact and easy to use portable player is required to keep you connected to your favourite tunes while you hit the gym or while jogging. You need not look for large storage capacity but should rather go for compact models that are shock and sweat resistant.

Also look for:
  • Light weight compact design which offers extra features like calorie counter or pedometer.
  • Shock and sweat resistant with anti-skip technology
  • Armbands or jogging kits that have been exclusively designed for outdoor use.
Listening to audio books

Now-a-days MP3 players do more than just play music tracks. They have been a great medium for listening to audio books anywhere and anytime. The MP3/MP4 players feature extensive memory capacity which makes them ideal to store audio files. With audio book vendors like iTunes and offering downloadable content, you can now enjoy your favourite titles while on the go.

Also look for:
  • Your MP3/MP4 player must be compatible with sites that offer downloadable content online
  • Ensure that your player has bookmarking which allows you quick navigation through long audio files
For transferring DATA

When you feel that you have exploited your computerâ??s hard drive capacity to store music, then you must definitely consider MP3 or MP4 players with excellent storage capacity. Few MP3/ MP4 players feature up to 160GB capacity and ensure storage of a huge number of music with multiple movies.

Also look for:
  • Hard drive based players are ideal for holding enormous amount of data
  • They offer exceptional capacity to store music, videos, full length movies and additional features like podcast
Watching videos (MP4 players)

The fine line between MP3 and MP4 players has been drawn with their video compatibility feature. MP4 players have been exclusively designed for viewing videos and movies on the go. They come with a clear LCD monitor and a large memory capacity which allows them to store even full length movies. Latest models of MP4 players even offer touch screen and camera function.

Also look for:
  • Large LCD display so that you do not have to strain your eyes
  • Decent storage capacity for stocking up video or movie files
  • Easy to use control buttons