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  • Subject: Science | Technology | Engineering
  • For: Multiple Users, Suitable for: Up to 15 Years
  • Ideal For: Home Learning
  • 3 Months Warranty
  • Toy Category

    • Product Type

    • Learning System
    • Ideal For

    • 6-10 Years
  • Educational Category

    • Product Type

    • Learning Kit
    • Subject

    • Design | Engineering | Science
    • User Access

    • Multi User
    • Ideal For

    • Home Learning
    • Suitable for

    • Age 15+

Why Buy Omotec Electronics Learning Kit for 9+


  • Benefits your kids with Experiential Practical Execution
  • 151 Components present in the kit
  • 100+ projects made available
  • Balanced screen time
  • Detailed Curriculum for every grade
  • Learn on your own or with an instructor online
  • Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Create Projects like – Burglar Alarm, Rainwater detector, Quiz game, Turning Indicators and many more


Get little minds started to invest and invent gadgets and electronic devices by using the Omotec Electronics Learning Kit for 9+. Through this learning kit, your kids will be able to identify the components and their specifications which are the basic building blocks of electronics equipment. Be it breadboard, Multimeter, capacitors, LEDs, and a host of components, the kids be easily familiarised with the components. Children will be able to use necessary Electronics tools like breadboards and multimeters for testing and calibration & learn difficult concepts like Series / Parallel connections / Resistors, Ohms law practically. All components & activities will help students to transform their academic theory and knowledge into exciting and innovative science and physics projects. Make your kids blend in the future by making them learn assembling circuitry that will help them understand the operation of street light work, traffic signals, doorbells, decorative lights, amplifiers, number systems, and many more. Omotec Electronics Learning Kit for 9+ makes it possible for your children to transform their academic theory and knowledge into exciting and innovative science and physics projects.


Omotec Electronics Learning Kit for 9+ is a complete kit that has varied components that facilitate activities of building devices that will help students to enhance their applied physics skills. The learning kit comes with detailed explanations. The detailed explanations result in helping your kids gain clarity on how application-oriented projects work and how can the project be imported using alternative methods. Buy the advanced learning kit and expand your child’s knowledge through implementing and building science and engineering innovations in a safe way!