Panasonic 107 cm (42 inch) Full HD LED Smart TV (42AS630D, Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
  • Life+Screen Personalized Interface
  • Easy Access of Apps and Content with ""My Home Screen""
  • Eco-friendly and Low Power Consumption
  • Backlight Blinking for Smooth Reproduction of Fast Motion
  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Full HD
    • Television Features

    • Smart TV
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 8 - 10 Ft
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • Viera
    • Model Number

    • TH-42AS630D


Discover Stunning, Eco-friendly and Stylish Panasonic TH-42AS630D 42-inch VIERA IPS LED Smart TV with the screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 it gives you ultimate and lively viewing experience with spectacular color, clarity and detail.

The Life+Screen feature represents the future of television beyond Smart TV and completely overhaul the user interface and implement dramatic enhancements regarding learning the content preferences of individual users, breaking different content out of its silos, and making navigation far easier and more intuitive. This Life+ Screens get to know the preferences of individual users (or the family as a whole) and uses that knowledge to have your favorite content waiting for you as soon as you switch them on. Rather than relying solely on cumulative viewing patterns to generate recommendations, Panasonic�s new TVs are able to recognize each user individually and build up a personalized profile of their favorite content with an ingenious �My Button� on the remote control. The ""My Stream"" a kind of individualized channel of content personalised just for you, seamlessly including contents from different sources. This means that recommended films and shows from cable, terrestrial broadcast, and VOD, are all presented within the same interface allowing users to simply view the content they want to see without having to worry about the source. Recorded contents, home movies, family photos, web pages, and online videos are also seamlessly included in the my Stream interface. The Life+ Screen voice assistant functionality removes the need for any complicated navigation or searching. So, to start up my Stream just say ""my Stream"" to the microphone in the Touch Pad Remote.

This Life+ Screens will automatically wake from standby mode when they sense somebody nearby and display useful information graphically such as the time, date, and weather in a feature called �Info Bar�. Furthermore, when Life+ Screens identify the nearby user via the built-in camera, they will present further information specifically personalized to that person. Interactions with Life+ Screen are not limited to the living room. Working with Panasonic�s cloud service, Life+ Screens form a seamless network to share information and content with smartphones and PCs.

It features My Home Screen that allows you to quick access your most desired music or videos with ease. With Voice guidance the content about the programs or movies or even SNS messages displayed on the screen is verbally read out. The display mirroring feature will synchronise with your smartphone or tablet and displays the content on the large TV screen as it is on the smart devices and with remote sharing you can share videos, photos and lots more to the outside world as well.

Share your pictures, videos and favourite websites with a simple swipe of your hand using the VIERA Remote App and a Swipe and Share feature. This funtionality of Smart VIERA TVs allows you to easily stream pictures, videos and music to your TV from your sm artphone or tablet. Getting together with friends is also a lot more fun as they can use their smartphones to share their favourite content on your TV. The Remote Sharing feature makes it possible to share video memos, messages, and other information to the my Home Screen through smart phones and tablets while away from home. The powerful Dual Core processor delivers faster navigation and multitasking for sharing, web browsing, switching between content and more. Enjoy browsing websites with the same feeling as a PC in the large screen and clearly view detailed pages with the Web browser.

The IPS LED Super bright Panel technology has a wide viewing angle, so colors don't change when the image is viewed from right or left angles. Information can be accurately displayed to groups of people in large areas, like public spaces. It delivers true color accuracy, precise color and contrast from all angles and gives out blur-free, high quality, crystal clear and lively viewing experience. Its Multi-noise reduction feature reduces as much noise as possible so that the picture is crystal clear with great detail. And with 100Hz backlight blinking even the fast moving images are displayed with flicker-free crystal clear clarity.Its energy saving panel results in low power consumption up to 30% compared to other models.