Panasonic 124 cm (49 inch) 4k Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D, Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
  • Hexa Chroma Drive
  • IPS LED Super Bright Panel Plus
  • Multi Hdr Support
  • 4k Dimming Plus
  • Bluetooth Audio Link
  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Ultra HD 4K
    • Television Features

    • Smart TV
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 8 - 10 Ft
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • TH-49FX650D
    • Model Number

    • TH-49FX650D


An incredible, fantastic cinematic experience is all that is guaranteed with PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D). Revel in the crystal clear picture quality and PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) helps create a theatre-like ambience, all whilst in your living room! Imagery is now more vibrant, colourful and enjoyable with 4K HDR and an added advantage is that the Smart feature is more easy to use along with the added ‘Switch’ design feature. PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) also offers the Hexa Chroma drive which ensures that you get an unbelievably varied colour platter. Alongside, you also have Dimming Plus which brings to you optimum picture quality. In short, this is an all-immersive audio-visual experience that takes cinematic viewing pleasure to an altogether new level! Expect the best because PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) is the best!

HDR coupled with Smart Entertainment 

PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) belongs to the FX650 series which offers 4K HDR imagery. Such a theatrical feel is hard to find with any other model, a visual treat almost unparalleled. Add to that the feature of being a Smart TV. In today’s times, a smart TV has become a household requirement with all members of the family enjoying the experience. PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) therefore ensures that this feature is user-friendly as well. Add to that the super adjustable ‘Switch’ design that adapts itself to any environment. Enjoy a whole plethora of colours splashed across your screen thanks to the Hexa Chroma Drive that uses the 6-Colour Reproduction. Such an enigma created on screen with the colour palette is an absolute treat to the eyes and makes viewing a thorough pleasure. This is achieved thanks to this feature which maintains the colour balance by adding 3 complementary colours (CMY) to the 3 basic colour axes (RGB). This guarantees visual appeal that is unparalleled! PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) also comes with IPS LED Super Bright Panel Plus that offers charismatic picture clarity, vivacity and that required added brightness. Images now get brighter with high-efficiency LED lights and an incredibly transmissive IPS panel. Additionally, you also have the wide viewing angle that helps in viewing images from even an angle. For a family gathering, this is perfect as members can now sit all around the TV set and enjoy their time together.

Multi HDR formats

PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) also comes with a Standard HDR format like HDR10 for films and UHD blue-ray discs, Hybrid Log Gamma, HDR format for BBC and Japan’s NHK that are now all supported. 4K Dimming Plus comes with a functionality that offers the adaptive backlight dimming which in turn ensures that the light output is controlled and you get the desired brightness for an overall brilliant theatrical immersion. In addition, you can now connect your TV with a wireless audio speaker with the help of the Bluetooth audio link function that is super easy to operate. All in all, PANASONIC 124 cm (49 inch) 4K Ultra HD LED Smart TV (TH-49FX650D) is a personalized getaway to your preferred content. It’s almost like an individual home screen for all members of the family.