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Panasonic 6.5 Kg NA-F65HS3RRB Top Loading Washing Machine (White/Maroon)

Product Id: 179735

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  • 6.5 Kg Washing Machine
  • Top Loading
  • 8 Wash Programmes
  • Auto Re-start with LED Indicator
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Panasonic 6.5 Kg NA-F65HS3RRB Top Loading Washing Machine (White/Maroon)


Washing Features
  • Delicate Yes
  • Normal wash Yes
Dimension and Weigth
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 520 x 562 x 894
Baby Care Washing
  • Baby care Yes
  • Brand Panasonic
Product Description


Give your clothes a perfect wash with the Panasonic 6.5 kg NA-F65HS3RRB top loading washing machine. Stylish and elegant, it comes with white body and maroon lid. With 6.5 kg capacity, it gives you enough space to stuff your entire weeks' laundry. Offering 8 wash programs, it allows you to choose a wash setting that will be effective for washing your clothes, considering their fabric, type or heaviness. These programs include normal, speedy, delicate, daily sari, baby care, bed sheets and air dry. It has advanced features like Aquabeat wash, foam wash, aqua spin rinse, dancing water flow and power soak. With this smart machine, you can manually adjust the process and water setting that suits your washing needs. This Panasonic 6.5 kg top loading washing machine utilizes 117 W power, 101 Litres water and spins at 720 rpm. Ensuring advanced and innovative cleaning, this washing machine features the Sazanami drum. This drum comes with dimple-shaped water sprouts that help clean clothes gently by taking care of the fabric and prevents clothes from getting caught in it. Its unique design and baffle shape allows for high-spin drying. With this Panasonic washing machine, you can delay the wash cycle from 1 to 19 hours. If you put the clothes for washing and have to rush to the market for some urgent work you can easily choose the delay wash programme.


This top loading washing machine gives your clothes an effective hygienic wash. When you put dirty clothes in the machine, some of the dirt and bacteria, contaminates the surface, as well. With this machine, the pulsator comes with anti bacterial coating that protects the visible and non-visible areas against the bacteria and makes it germ free. With its Ag Crystal Shower feature this machine keeps your clothes clean and sterile by providing anti-bacterial protection. It comes with built-in Ag Ion generator that contains highly concentrated Ag crystal material that release Ag ions in the water. When the machine is spinning, these anti-bacterial Ag ions penetrate and coat clothes to suppress the growth of bacteria. This Ag water is sprinkled over the clothes twice during the last rinsing process. It helps to keep the clothes free from bacteria and odour. Making this machine hygienic and safe for use is the Tub Hygiene feature. This feature eliminates moisture in the tub through the hygiene function and fan dry operation. It comes with a large lint filter that traps hair and objects that are mixed with dirty clothes as they are being added to the washing machine. It can help cut down on lots of clogging in the corners of the washing machine. You can watch your clothes as it comes with a glass lid. With its child-lock and buzzer, you can easily manage multiple house chores with this Panasonic washing machine, as it alarms you if the lid is open during a wash cycle.

Intelligent & Perfect Cleaning Technology

With its various smart features this best washing machine excels in cleaning technology. To give your clothes a thorough wash, its Dancing Water Flow technology allows the detergent water to seep into your clothes from all directions to rub them clean with little water. Its foam wash technology turns the detergent in the water into highly concentrated cleaning foam that penetrates clothes and attacks grease deep within the fabric. To remove dirt from each fibre of your clothes, the Aquabeat Wash feature makes this machine to spin rapidly so that the water seeps in and out of the clothes scrubbing them clean. This Panasonic 6.5 kg top loading washing machine is built to save water and energy and its Aqua Spin Rinse technology does just that. This feature reduces the amount of water being used during the rinsing cycle.


This best washing machine comes with smart features and latest technology. It can be an ideal choice for any house with limited or large space.