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Panasonic 7 Kg 70HS3RRB Top Loading Washing Machine (White-Maroon)

Product Id: 180449

  ₹21,984.00 ₹22,990.00

  • 7 Kg Automatic Machine
  • Top Loading
  • 8 Wash Programmes
  • Anti-Bacterial Pulsator, SAZANAMI Drum
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Panasonic 7 Kg 70HS3RRB Top Loading Washing Machine (White-Maroon)


Washing Features
  • Rinse + Spin Yes
  • Normal wash Yes
Dimension and Weigth
  • Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 520 x 562 x 894
Baby Care Washing
  • Baby care Yes
  • Brand Panasonic
  • Type of Washing Machine Automatic
Product Description


Get properly wash and clean clothes with the Panasonic 7 Kg 70HS3RRB top loading washing machine. It comes with 8 wash programs, so you can conveniently choose according to your requirement. The white-maroon washing machine, features normal wash, rinse + spin and baby care. Equipped with child lock function, you can simply manage other household chores along with washing clothes. After putting the clothes, turn on the child lock, ensuring that your little ones don�t operate the washing machine. Washing clothes and operating this top loading washing machine is easy. It comes with a digital display and unique wash cycles. You can easily choose the wash cycle according to your requirement. With the Sazanami Drum, you get thoroughly wash and clean clothes, both in rinse and spin process. Enhancing the wash quality is the foam wash feature, which converts the detergent into a foam and acts well upon difficult stains.


With this, Panasonic 7 Kg Top Loading Washing Machine get perfect wash experience every time. It features Sazanami Drum, Foam wash and anti bacteria Pulsator, which provide you spick and span clothes. Designed to perform, the Sazanami Drum, thoroughly cleanses the clothes of all the dirt, while being gentle. The new inner surface of this drum, unlike the conventional drums, prevents the clothes from wedging. Along with high washing performance, this Sazanami Drum, also provides high-spin results. Equipped with Foam Wash feature, it converts the detergent into thick foam, properly cleaning heavily soiled clothes. The foam permeates well inside the fabric and removes the most difficult stains and grease spots. It maintains the beauty of your clothes with optimum utilisation of detergent. The best washing machine comes with anti bacterial Pulsator. It protects your clothes and washing machine from bacteria, both in visible and non-visible areas. Indulge in germ free, hygienic and clean experience with this washing machine.

Wash clothes the Smart Way

Wash clothes the smart way with the Panasonic top loading washing machine. With all new Aqua Spin Rinse feature, it uses less water during rinse and spin process. This helps in conserving 47% water. It makes a considerable difference if you wash number of clothes every day. The shower size in this washing machine is 1.3 times wider. It ensures that water directly falls on the inner surface, and comes in direct contact with clothes. This gives better wash, rinse and spin results, with low water consumption. Easing your washing task is the double inlet valve of this Panasonic washing machine. It comes with a separate inlet for cold and hot water. Save water, time and energy with this washing machine.


If you prefer the perfect wash experience each time, then the Panasonic Top Loading Washing Machine White-Maroon can be an appropriate choice. Equipped, with Sazanami Drum, foam wash and anti bacterial Pulsator, get clean and hygienic clothes in every wash. The 7 kg load capacity make it suitable for small and medium size families.