Panasonic NR-BX468VSX1 450 Litres Refrigerator Silver - Price, Specifications & Features
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  • 450 litres capacity
  • Three dampers for temperature adjustment
  • Six sensors energy saving
  • Efficient inverter compressor
  • Product Category

    • Refrigerator Type

    • Double Door
    • Gross Refrigerator Capacity

    • 450 Litres
    • Net Refrigerator Capacity

    • 405 Litres
    • Installation Type

    • Floor Standing
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • NR-BX468VSX1
    • Model Number

    • NR-BX468VSX1

High Storage Capacity

The refrigerator is designed with an emphasis on increased accomodation with a gross capacity of 450 litres. Food can be stored at three distinct layers. The storage also accommodates large platters with ease. The preservation of fruits and vegetables is thus facilitated for longer durations.

Distinct Cooling Zones

Panasonic NR-BX468VSX1 450 Litres refrigerator has three different levels of cooling. These partitions are made on the basis of specific user requirement. The fridge has an adjustable temperature range of 3 to 6 degrees Celsius. Vegetables are preserved within the vegetable case in the temperature range of 3 to 8 degrees Celsius, while temperatures in the Freezer and Ice Box range between -20 to -18 degree Celsius.

Increased Energy Saving

The refrigerator unit comprises of six sensors that reduce its overall energy consumption. Each sensor is function-oriented. These sensors, powered by microcontrollers, detect deviations in the conditions in its surrounding region and takes suitable action to negate the need for excess energy consumption. This results in lower electricity bills on the unit.

Smart Inverter

This Panasonic 450 Litres refrigerator is equipped with an intelligent inverter that can change its rotation rate to ensure temperature stability. In order to achieve this objective, the inverter makes use of Intelligent Sensing and Intelligent Adjustment.

During Intelligent Sensing, the microcontroller detects subtle variations in temperature and transmits information to the compressor. The compressor provides Intelligent Temperature Adjustment by controlling its rotation speed in response to the information received.

Inverted Design

The refrigerator is constructed using a top fridge-bottom freezer design. This design is made to meet everyday usage requirements. As the top fridge contains most of the foodstuffs needed for everyday use, the inconvenience of having to bend the back in order to acquire them is eliminated.