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  • Approximate Coverage Area – 1819 Sq. Ft (168.98 Sq.M)
  • VitaShield IPS Technology | AeraSense Technology
  • CADR - 657 m³/hr, PM2.5
  • Activated Carbon Filter | HEPA Filter
  • Dimensions - 50.61 x 42.01 x 60.41 cms
  • Power Indicator | Fan Speed Indicator
  • Air Purifier Category

    • Product Type

    • Air Purifier
    • Coverage Area (Sq.Ft)

    • 1819 Sq. Ft.
    • Installation Type

    • Portable
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Model Series

    • 6000 Series
    • Model Number

    • AC6609/20


The Philips Air Purifier AC6609/20 is the best option to purify the air inside your house. This air purifier and air humidifier gives double performance and double reassurance. It comes with brilliant technology that provides healthier air and removes bacteria from the air. Beautifully designed, this air purifier looks very smart and neat. It can easily fit in any of the corners of your house and quietly do its job efficiently. Delivering superior purification efficiency against pollution and common allergens, this air purifier comes with a display that looks spectacular.

Significant Features

The Philips Air Purifier AC6609/20 has features that will impress anyone. It comes with best-in class AeraSense Technology that identifies fine particles which are even smaller than PM2.5. It then processes this information to ensure that the purifier’s settings are at the ideal level for current air conditions. It then gives you feedback about the real time indoor air quality by showing PM2.5 level. Secondly, it also comes with VitaShield IPS technology that brilliantly removes particles as small as 20 Nanometers which includes common allergens, bacteria and viruses. The VitaShield IPS technology also protects from TVOC and odour. The air purifier reflects the real time indoor air quality with the help of numerical PM2.5 indicator together with the 4-step colour ring. The air purifier also senses if the filter is due for change and, if not changed, it will stop functioning to avoid running with no effect and ensures you are assured of healthy air quality always. The Philips Air Purifier AC6609/20 is equipped with a sleep mode that turns down fan speed and noise level in silent mode for a comfortable night of sleep. Additionally, the air purifier ensures child safety by providing the child lock function.