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BlackBerry are smartphones that were manufactured originally by Canadian multinational company Research In Motion (RIM) and now designed and marketed by its licensed partners. It uses a proprietary BlackBerry custom launcher that runs on top of the Android operating system. BlackBerry was once known for its characteristic keyboard which was light and ensured good typing. BlackBerry currently offer phones with physical keyboards or with virtual keyboards. BlackBerry smartphones were at one time the most popular smartphones in the market and are still known for its robust security and privacy features. Since Sept 2016, BlackBerry began licensing designing and marketing to other reliable partners. This could help it in adopting new technologies quickly as well as improve its speed in reaching global markets.


Types of BlackBerry Mobiles


BlackBerry with physical keyboards


Although the latest phones have virtual keyboards, some people still prefer physical keyboards. The Physical keyboard has some advantages like ease of typing and a lesser chance of accidentally touching nearby keys as compared to virtual keyboards. Typing on a physical keyboard is faster than typing on a virtual keyboard. People who are good at typing can also type on it without looking at the keyboard. Also if the user is in a moving vehicle like a train or bus then typing on a physical keyboard is more accurate and faster. Having a dedicated keyboard prevents creating finger smudges on the screen. Some examples of BlackBerry with physical keyboards are BlackBerry Keyone and BlackBerry Curve.


BlackBerry with Virtual keyboard


Having a virtual keyboard instead of a physical keyboard also has many advantages. Eliminating physical keyboards frees up more space and weight. Bigger screen means you have more space while reading or watching the video. Since the virtual keyboard is based on the software you can easily replace it with another style of a virtual keyboard or add emojis or features like swipe mode. Some examples of BlackBerry with virtual keyboards are BlackBerry Evolve and BlackBerry Priv.


Features and benefits of BlackBerry


New phones of BlackBerry use processors like Qualcomm or ARM. RAM size also varies depending upon the series. Many of the recent models have dual cameras that are good at taking pictures in low light. Many of the recent series like BlackBerry Evolve have a high capacity battery and also have various battery optimization features to prolong battery life. Since 2015, BlackBerry started using the Android operating system for its smartphones. This opened it instantly to a vast ecosystem of App developers and a large community of users who were using Android-based apps. In addition, BlackBerry phones now also have proprietary Blackberry custom launcher running on top of Android operating system. This could be customized to provide better security than Android alone. Blackberry has many features that help it in providing better security and privacy. They use a special secure Blackberry server that provides a higher level of security. Blackberry could also be customized so that you can use the same phone for work as well as for personal use. For example, the employer could provide you with data and special access conforming to the policies of the company. At the same time, you can keep your “personal identity” whose control will be only under you. BlackBerry has a single Inbox known as “BlackBerry Hub” which could be customized to consolidate messages from various media channels such as text, voice messages, social media, and calendar. It got popular among many executives due to its ability to smartly prioritize and organize inputs from various channels in a secure manner.


Latest phones of BlackBerry at Croma


Some of the latest BlackBerry phones currently available in Croma are BlackBerry Keyone, BlackBerry Key2, and BlackBerry Evolve. BlackBerry Keyone has an 8 MP front camera and a single 12 MP rear camera. It has a Snapdragon 625 processor and 3505 mAh Lithium-ion battery. BlackBerry Key2 has dual 12 MP rear cameras and 8 MP front camera. It is powered by the fast Snapdragon 660 processor with 3500 lithium-ion battery. Both BlackBerry Keyone and BlackBerry Key2 have a 4.5-inch IPS display with QUERTY keyboards. BlackBerry Evolve is a new phone from BlackBerry specifically designed for Indian conditions and scores high on security, privacy, durability and long-lasting battery life. BlackBerry Evolve has a larger 5.99-inch display with virtual keyboards. They have Snapdragon 450 processor as well as Adreno GPU which could be useful in improving gaming performance. Despite having a battery of 4000 mAh, BlackBerry Evolve is slim and light-weight. BlackBerry phone price varies depending upon the features.


Buy Blackberry mobile phones online


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