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The Evolution of Cameras

We have seen the biggest innovations in camera technology in the past two decades. Cameras have now moved from physical film based storage to digital and there has been a big jump in the quality and details of the photos that a camera can capture. Cameras are broadly divided into 4 categories - point shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, professional or advanced cameras and Smartphone cameras. Though Smartphone cameras are being improved with each passing generation, they simply cannot match the details and features of a full-sized camera. The sensor size of a Smartphone camera is the biggest bottleneck that puts them at a disadvantage.

Point Shoot Cameras are Highly Portable

Point shoot cameras have been around for a long time. The most compelling feature these cameras have is the ability to offer a simple one click operation. This is a main reason that point shoot cameras are the go-to devices for most photography enthusiasts. The sheer simplicity of operation and compact size make point shoot cameras highly desirable.

DSLR Cameras Offer a Versatile Set of Features

Where point shoot cameras win in portability, DSLR cameras approach photography quite differently. DSLR cameras are the more advanced form of cameras and offer a much larger set of features that their point shoot counterparts simply cannot match. DSLR cameras offer you complete control over different aspects of your image. You can adjust and manipulate the ISO, shutter speed, exposure and more using on-board controls. This allows you to capture the image much closer to what the eye can see. Photography enthusiasts swear by their Digital SLR cameras.

Professional Cameras are Cameras with Advanced Technology

Professional cameras are the most advanced form of cameras and are filled to the brim with advanced technologies. They offer a much larger set of features that the other cameras simply cannot match. Advanced cameras are widely used to capture sports action videos because of their high quality video and audio capabilities. They can capture time-lapse and even slow motion videos which are stunning to behold.

Buy Cameras from Nikon, Canon and Sony

Cameras come in several price ranges to fit every type of budget. Brands like Canon, Nikon and Sony manufacture some of the bestselling cameras in the world. The build quality, reliability and the convenience of interchangeable lenses make these cameras stand out from other makers by a mile. Choose the Camera that fits your needs best.

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