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Onsitego Spills & Drops Protection Plan For Digital Products
Smartphones, Tablets, Desktops, Laptops and Cameras.
Why buy a Protection Plan?
Electronic devices are built with hardware parts that tend to wear out over time, and are partially covered under the standard brand (manufacturer) warranty plan. With the Spills & Drops protection plan available at Croma, you can keep your device protected and save heavy costs incurred on repairs.
Let us tell you more about our Spills & Drops protection plan:
Spills & Drop Protection Plan
Spills & Drops protection plan has got your full device covered from all possible accidental and liquid damage. Damage related repairs at best estimated rate available or replacement guaranteed at no extra charge! One time claim up to invoice value. Check for terms and conditions.


Free pick up and drop service

Brand authorized technicians to diagnose and repair

High-quality repairs using genuine spare parts

Free repair support including labour and spares

Up to 40% Buyback on your device (only for mobile phones)*

Covers the entire body of the device

* Buyback is applicable only if the device is in working condition and all accessories are available along with the device at the point of buyback






Plastic parts and accessories like charger, battery, earphones, cables, etc.
Any software issues due to viruses, data loss, etc.
Unauthorized repairs that may void manufacturer’s warranty
Any normal wear and tear occurring due to regular usage
Theft or Loss

Frequently Asked Questions

The Spills & Drops Protection plan needs to be purchased on the same day you purchase the device.

The Spills & Drops Protection plan is available for 1 year from the plan purchase date.

The Spills & Drops Protection plan covers the entire device from all damage caused due to liquid spillage or accidental drop.

No, the customer does not have to pay anything at the time of raising a service request. If in case, the issue is out of the scope of the program, details and additional charges for repair will be shared with you before proceeding with the repair of the device.

The plan can be availed once during the 1-year coverage period.

In case a device is beyond repair, under Spills & Drops Protection plan, replacement is issued to the customer based on the fair market value of the device. The fair market value is determined based on when the device was purchased, the purchase price mentioned on the retailer’s invoice and the depreciation amount for being in use for a certain period.

Every electronic device suffers a reduction in value because it has been used for a certain period. This reduction in value is due to depreciation. The fair market value is determined based on when the device was purchased and the purchase price that is mentioned on the retailer invoice.