Sony HT-CT290 Sound Bar (Black) - Price, Specifications & Features
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  • 300w Total Power Output
  • 2.1ch Front Surrounded Sound
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround
  • Dolby Digital and Dolby Dual Mono Audio Format


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    • 18001037799
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Lend an aura of enchantment to your listening experience by bringing home this Sony HT-CT290 Sound bar. It has several distinguishable features that make it a utilitarian gadget. It has 2.1ch amplifier channels. The S-Force pro front surround helps to deliver a clear mid and high range. The subwoofer fills in the rumbling lows as well that makes this product as an out of the box one. You can enjoy more movies and music in more stable manner and with a high definition audio as well with this sound bar. You can stream all you favourite music wirelessly. It is easy to fit anywhere at your place. So pamper your music love and get this quickly.

Out of the box Features

This Sony HT-CT290 Sound bar comes with 2.1ch amplifier channels. It has S- Force pro front surround as well. As an add on, it has a wireless subwoofer. It also has an HDMI out ARC. The A2DP (SINK) and AVRCP type Bluetooth is present in this sound bar. In equalizer, it has night mode and voices up feature as well. As a video feature, Bravia sync is present in this.

Amazing Performance

The Sony HT-CT290 Sound bar helps you to gain an adorable music experience as it has 300W total power output. The HDMI ARC helps you to be connected to your TV with a single cable. As a result, you will experience a soulful performance from this. You can charge or access music files from multiple devices via the USB port present in this. It also comes with a set up that suits you the best.

Brilliant Audio Format

The Sony HT-CT290 Sound bar has a brilliant audio feature. It has Dolby Digital and Dolby dual mono audio format as well. This results into a perfect audio outcome which will bring actual inner peace to you. The 2.1ch front surround sound helps the drivers at each side of the sound bar to deliver clear mid and high range and the wireless subwoofer fills in the rumbling lows.

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