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Terms and Conditions of Credit Card No Cost EMI for Bose


The following terms and conditions apply to no-cost equated monthly installment ("EMI") transactions made using an eligible credit card issued by any bank and using EMI facility as a payment option ("No Cost EMI")


  1. Offer Validity: 9th June 2020 to 30th September 2020 
  2. The No-Cost EMI facility is only available on Select Bose products for select tenure as decided by Bose through Pinelabs Payment Gateway available at Ecommerce Portal of Select Partner.
  3. The Customer has to select No Cost or Low-Cost EMI option on the Pinelabs payment page to avail the cashback and also to check the offers before completing the transaction.

  4. A customer can avail EMI for any amount between 50% to 100% MRP of Select Bose Product for Select Tenure, as decided by Bose.
  5. The No-Cost EMI facility is being offered to the customers who make a purchase transaction on an Online e-commerce portal of select partner thereof using an eligible credit card issued by any bank using EMI facility; if available on the Select partner portal.
  6. No cost EMI is available on credit cards from all major banks (Axis, ICICI, HDFC, Citi Bank, SBI, IndusInd, J&K Bank, BOB Financial, Yes Bank, Kotak, RBL, HSBC, Standard Chartered) and AmEx cards.
  7. If you are availing EMI using an HDFC bank credit, you will be charged a processing fee of ₹99 plus GST by the bank.
  8. The No-Cost EMI facility is funded by participating partner and Bose (as the case may be) and is made available on select products, as determined from time to time by Bose.
  9. The No-Cost EMI payment option can be availed using the credit card of any bank on the Select partner portal and is not available on purchases made using net banking or pay on delivery payment methods.
  10. Using the No Cost EMI payment option, the customers who undertake the purchase transactions on the Select partner portal will only pay amounts such that the total of these amounts during the EMI tenure is equal to the list price of the products as displayed on Select partner (at the time of making the purchase transactions). Bose will provide amounts equivalent to the interest imposed by the banks to undertake the purchase transactions on EMI.
  11. The banks issuing the credit cards reserve the right to charge Goods and Services Tax (GST) or other applicable taxes on the purchase transactions undertaken on EMI which will be over and above the product price.
  12. Customers can add more than one item to their cart and if all the products are eligible for No Cost EMI, such customers will receive No Cost EMI payment option on all items. No Cost EMI discount will be calculated only on the eligible items in the cart.
  13. Customers may avail the No Cost EMI facility, provided that:
    1. the order is not canceled by the customer or the participating sellers; or
    2. the product is not returned/exchanged by the customer.
  14. The EMI facility is made available to the customers by and in the sole discretion of the banks issuing the credit cards. Bose or Select partner will not be liable for any claims on account of availability or non-availability of EMI facility.
  15. Bose reserves the right to stop No Cost EMI payment option at any time without prior notice and without any liability


  1. Interest Cashback Process: The interest which gets applicable for the EMI transaction is borne by the Brand in this case. Customers must select the mentioned Bank and tenure to avail the offer. The interest amount is posted to the customer’s card within 90 days of the transaction date, where such a transaction has not been canceled either by the customer or by the LFR.


There are two categories of Banks, for the purpose of Cashback handling in case of Interest Subvention; one being HDFC / SBI on the Pre-cashback category and the rest of the banks are in the cashback category. The handling by both these types of banks have been depicted below with dummy values for the purpose of explanation.


  1. Refund Process


  1. All refund transactions will be processed through Pine Labs
  2. No partial refund shall be allowed
  3. In the case of HDFC / SBI, which are currently on the pre-cashback model, the subvention amount will still need to be credited to the Bank even for refunded transactions.
  4. In case of other bank refund transactions (barring HDFC/SBI) pertaining to No Cost EMI, the refund needs to be processed latest by 7th of the next month. In case of any delays, the amount of the subvention and cashback, if any will need to be paid to the bank for the mentioned transactions
  5. Similarly, in case of HDFC / SBI too in case the refund is processed after the 7th of the next month, the cashback amount will need to be paid to the bank.
  6. The refund is credited to the customer’s card account within 7-10 days of initiating the refund.
  7. A very important point to be noted here is in case of refund, though the amount is credited back to the customer’s card, the EMI closure will only happen after the customer communicates the same to the bank for the same. Customers will specifically need to communicate to the banks the intent of the EMI loan closure.