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                              Croma Privileges Program


Existing Customer

To become eligible for Croma Privileges loyalty program, you must be an existing customer of Croma with a valid mobile number registered at the time of purchase. Special loyalty offers and other services will be mapped against the mobile number.
Following are the ways to enroll for the program
1. Give a missed call to 1800226699 from registered number at Croma. Customers will receive a SMS with a web link to check the details of benefits.
2. SMS MYPERKS to 7200666000 from registered number at Croma. Customers will receive a SMS with a web link to check the details of benefits
3. Type “” on google chrome on your registered mobile phone. Register the number and on successful completion of registration, existing customers will receive a web link to check the details of benefits.

New Customer

New customers can opt for Croma privileges program by visiting any Croma store and follow the process
• Step 1: Visit nearest Croma store
• Step 2: Buy a Croma Gift Card worth Rs 501/-
• Step 3: Activate the card SMS GCACT<space>16 DIGIT CARD NUMBER<space>6 DIGIT PIN NUMBER to 7200-666-000
• Step 4: Then, to receive your first set of offers SMS GCACT<space>MYPERKS1 to 7200-666-000
• Step 5: Rs 101/- will be deducted towards enrolment and Rs 400 will be added to your Croma wallet
• Step 6: You can use Rs 400 to pay for the same transaction


Loyalty Benefit under the Program

Customers are eligible for following benefits once enrolled under the program
Loyalty Discounts
Customers will receive discount offers, exchange offers, EMI offers regularly once enrolled for the program. The offers are required to be activated in the portal by customers. Once activated offers are mapped to customer’s mobile number and can be redeemed at store against the mobile number.
Process at store for redemption
• Check with the store staff on the offer as activated in the web portal
• Quote same mobile number through which the offers are activated at the time of billing. Customers will receive an OTP to validate the mobile number. Share the OTP with store staff to complete offer redemption
• Customers can generate the OTP through the privileges portal as follows
 o   STEP 1 : OPEN MYPERKS Link/Download Application and click on 3 horizontal line at top left corner.
 o   STEP 2 : Customer to see 5 option’s at dropdown, where he/she need to click on 5th option which is Generate OTP.
 o   STEP 3 : Customer to direct on One Time Password page , click on Generate OTP again.
 o   Step 4: OTP pop-out on screen which need to be shared with store staff to get the product invoiced.
• All the loyalty offers have limited validity which will be mentioned on the portal for offer activation
• The offer can be redeemed only though customer can avail multiple offers unless specific for a particular offer
• No two offers can be combined for redemption
• The offers will be valid at Croma stores only. Offers are not valid on

Offer Details

Value back Offer

• Customers who activate and avail the offer will be eligible for valueback back amount in Croma wallet linked to customer’s mobile number
• The value back amount will be processed for the customers within 90 days of transaction.
• Customers will be eligible to use the amount for any future purchase at Croma store
• The validity of the valueback amount will be 1 year from the date of credit
• Customers will receive a SMS with valueback amount once credited against the mobile number.
• In case of EMI valueback offer, it will be applicable on 12/4 month scheme where customer will have to make 4 month down payment and pay rest of the amount in 8 installments over 8 months. Customers will receive equivalent month valueback amount as per the offer in the Croma wallet.
• Please check the scheme conditions at the store, depending on the scheme the value back would be processed in differed periods.

Exchange Offer

• Customers can avail special exchange prices for the products mentioned under Exchange Offer tab in the privileges portal
• Any old electronic product in working condition can be exchanged to avail the special price for the products
• The offer will be valid on selected SKUs only as detailed in privileges portal


Croma Own Label 24 Month No Cost EMI Offer

• The offer will be valid only on Croma Own Label products and is extended in association with Tata Capital Limited.
• As per the offer, customer will have to opt for 24/4 month EMI scheme with Tata Capital. Customer will have to pay 4 month down payment along with 15% processing Fees. The processing fees will be given back to the customer in the form of valueback
• Offer Illustration :
 o   OL Product Store Price: Rs. 24,000
 o   Customer avails the offer of 24 Month No Cost EMI on Croma Exclusives
 o   Date of Invoice: 10th May 2019
 o   24 by 4 EMI Amount: Rs. 24000 divided by 24 = Rs. 1000
 o   Down Payment: Rs. 1000 x 4 = Rs. 4000
 o   ***Processing Fees to be paid by Customer as per Policy
 o   DBD @ 15% (to be paid by Customer Initially): Rs. 3600
 o   Monthly EMI for 20 Months: Rs. 1000
 o   Customer to Receive Value Back of the DBD Paid within 60 days from the date of transaction. The amount can be redeemed at following intervals

  • 3% (Rs 720) after 15 working days of Invoice i.e. in May 2019
  • 3% (Rs 720) after 5th Month of EMI i.e. October 2019
  • 3% (Rs 720) after 10th Month of EMI i.e. March 2020
  • 3% (Rs 720) after 15th Month of EMI i.e. August 2020
  • 3% (Rs 720) after 20th Month of EMI i.e January 2020

• The validity of the value back is for a period of 12 months. Please note, the value back received on 1st May 2019 will be valid till 30th April 2020. 
• Customers can choose to redeem by clubbing this amount as loaded in their wallet.
• Once an amount is expired, Croma will not be in position to retrieve it. Customer is responsible of redeeming the amount within the stimulated timelines.