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How to participate?


  • Read through the detailed brief shared below
  • Answer the brief, keeping in mind the guidelines. Each work submitted is considered an entry by itself. If you wish to submit more than one entry, each one will be considered as separate
  • The debrief must elaborate a creative interpretation of the objective as mentioned in the brief and also suggest a digital plan for execution
  • Submit your entry by mailing it to
  • The winning entry stands a chance to feature in Croma’s digital campaign and also take home Croma vouchers worth Rs. 20,000


The Creative Brief


Why is e-waste such a menace?


The Global volume of e-waste generated is expected to reach 52.2 million tons or 6.8kg/ inhabitant by 2021 from 44.7 million tons in 2016 according to a study conducted by The Associated Chambers and Industry of India-NEC. Out of the total e-waste produced in 2016, only 20% (8.9MT) is documented to be collected properly and recycled, while there is no record of the remaining e-waste.

E-waste generated in India is about 2 Million TPA (tons per annum), the quantity that is recycled is about 438,085 TPA. The sad part is that a mere 5% of India’s total e-waste gets recycled due to poor infrastructure, legislation and framework which leads to a waste of diminishing natural resources, irreparable damage to the environment and health of the people working in the industry. Over 95% of the E-waste generated is handled by the unorganized sector and scrap dealers in this market, dismantle the product instead of recycling it. (Source: Times of India, Jun 4 2018)

The poor record in e-waste collection coupled with the 15% CAGR in electronics’ purchases means we are sitting on a ticking bomb.


Croma’s Mission:


Croma’s mission to help people upgrade their lifestyles makes us a contributor to the generation of e-waste; by becoming part of the e-waste disposal eco-system we are trying to mitigate the deleterious impact on the environment this brings about. And that’s how we are trying to promote a culture of Responsible Consumption.

As a company we aim to be e-waste neutral by 2025, i.e. collect as much e-waste as the number of new electronics that we sell.


How did this journey begin for us?


Croma E-Care came into existence in the year 2016 when it was launched as an activation activity for a few catchments during the World Environment Day in June. The overwhelming response that we received is what triggered the idea to embrace this as a campaign and furthermore as our mission.


The Key Milestones:


  • June 2016: We started off with a simple hash tag #IWillLetGo, this was seeded in the belief that customers are aware of what e-waste is and do not have enough avenues to discard their electronic waste, hence the resistance. That’s when we set up collection centers at various catchments to ease the disposal process.
  • September 2016: When we decided to make this as a full-fledged campaign, we realized there are many more hurdles than just lack of disposal avenues. Speaking to customers we realized most customers are not even aware of what e-waste is, the importance of responsible disposal and an inertia that didn’t let them throw the e-waste. Secondly, for Indian customers getting some value in return for their old junk was very important, making trade-in vendors or kabbadiwalas indispensable. That’s when the second leg of the campaign was taken live.
    • We made our 100+ stores as collection centers
    • Educated customers via different catchment activation mediums – RWAs, Schools, Colleges, Corporates were all targeted
    • Linked some value to e-waste disposal, gave out Croma vouchers that they could redeem during their next purchase
  • 2017: We went a step ahead and added more incentives - we promised to plant a tree for every e-waste item that was handed over by the customer. Other incentive included, lucky draw events where customers could win some exciting goodies along with the vouchers
  • Early 2018: We roped in kids to be our ambassadors - the idea was to appeal to the emotive side of the audience and guilt them into action. The hash tag introduced during this camping was #ItnaTohKarDo, simple yet impactful. Along with all the other measures, we now also activated our call center numbers, where customers could register for a doorstep pick of their e-waste, thus avoiding the hassle of carrying along e-waste to the store for disposal.
  • 2019: Apart from stores and call center, we have now activated other collection points such as the website, our loyalty portal as well to make the programme reach far and wide.


Summarizing the journey:


As of date, we receive about 150 calls per week for doorstep pick-up. Clearly we are nowhere near hitting the 2025 mark of being e-waste neutral


Objective of the campaign:

  • Activate consumers into giving up old electronic gadgets at the time of buying or upgrading to a latest technology gadget.
  • Consciously identify items of e-waste lying around in their homes and flush them out


What should campaign seek to achieve?

10X increase in the volume of requests for e-waste pick-up


Mandatories for Creative:

As the winning campaign will be run by Croma, it’s essential that the creatives are designed incorporating the brand assets. Some brand mandatories to follow:


  • Croma logo integration. Currently the logo gets used in 2 formats, references are attached in the appendix below. The primary color used is green and a visual element of pixels in gradients of yellow and green to add dynamism to the logo
  • Our Toll Free number, i.e. 1800 22 66 99 has to be included as a call-to-action in the creative
  • Colors chosen need to present the brand and the logo in good esteem
  • The way Croma refers to being ‘Responsible Consumption’ is by using the term ‘e-ware’, i.e. environmentally aware. The same has to be mentioned in some form in the copy as well






Terms & Conditions:


  • Objective: To invite creative minds to build an impactful creative campaign based on the theme decided for the competition. The competition is open for all who fit into the criteria as defined below. While the campaign is Power of Print, we are now looking for ideas that can go beyond just print and in fact create an all-encompassing campaign that can be used for a 360 degree marketing approach
  • Deliverables: A creative interpretation of Croma E-Waste programme along with a digital plan for marketing promotion
  • Participants: Any Tata employee who is part of a registered Tata Company and is on the company’s payroll. Employees serving their notice period will not be eligible for the contest
  • Jury: Harish Bhat I Lynn de Souza I KS Chakravarthy
  • Last date of entry: 6th December, 2019
  • General Eligibility Criteria:

1. A Participant may be disqualified if there is any conflict with any of the stakeholders of the competition, and this is identified at any point of time during the competition

2. If the Participant is found to have plagiarized or infringed any intellectual property rights vested in third party with regards to any aspect of his/her entry, the Participant will be disqualified

3. The final eligibility of the Participant will be subject to the discretion and approval of the IRL and the Jury

4. The concept & ideation should be done in-house, while creative designing and layouting can be done in-house or through a third party agency or studio. A self-declaration on the company’s letter head stating the same, must be signed and stamped by the concerned participant and should be sent along with the final entry

  • Gratification:

1. The winner of the competition stands a chance to feature in Croma’s digital campaign and win Croma vouchers worth Rs. 20,000

2. First runner up will win vouchers worth Rs. 10,000

3. Second runner up will win vouchers worth Rs 5,000


  • Submission format:

1. Participants need to make a digital creative of the size 1000 x 1000 px

2. Participants need to also share a detailed digital plan for execution. Digital platforms include Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

3. Participants need to mail both the creative and the digital plan to before the 06/12/2019. 00.00 a.m

4. All of the above must be shared in a PPT format


  • Additional information:

1. Participant may be contacted by representatives of IRL for any additional information or to verify the information provided. Such information sourced from the Participant will become part of the original application.

2. IRL representatives has the right to ask for documentary proof of information. If such a request is made and the Participant does not comply within 5 working days from the date the request is made, the Participant may be disqualified from the competition

3. Information provided by the Participant will be confidential and will be used only for the limited purpose of evaluating the Participant entry to this Competition

4. IRL or the concerned representatives appointed by them will try to contact the Participant on best effort basis by any means deemed appropriate

5. In the event it is not possible to contact any Participant to obtain information on them, interview them, etc. such Participant may be disqualified from further participation

6. The Participant hereby irrevocably authorizes IRL to use the data gathered during and/or the Competition in respect of the Participant. This shall be the sole property of IRL and they shall be entitled to use the same for communications including marketing promotions and advertisements


  • Winner determination:

1. An independent jury appointed by the IRL will evaluate the entries and determine the winners for the Competition

2. The winner shall share an open file (in AI or EPS or PSD format) for further use by IRL. In case of failure on the part of Participant to share the details with IRL within 7 days of winner declaration, the decision of the winner shall stand withdrawn at the disposal of IRL. In all such cases, IRL shall be at liberty to declare any other Participant as winner