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  • 2.0 Channel
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth | Aux
  • 230 Watts
  • Dimensions- 19.05 x 16.26 x 24.13 cm
  • Audio Category

    • Device Configuration

    • 2.0 Channel
    • Total Power Output

    • 230 W
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Thonet & Vander
    • Model Series

    • Model Number

    • HK096-03569

Why Buy Thonet & Vander FREI 2.0 Channel 230 Watts Portable Speaker
  • Latest audio technology ensures quality hearing experience
  • easy connectivity enhances it usability
  • A superior-quality material reduces damage risks

To set the perfect mood for a party at home, buy Thonet & Vander FREI 2.0 Channel 230 Watts Portable Speaker For you to control your portable speaker as per your preference, its configuration must be simple. As this portable speaker has a trouble-free configuration, you can complete the set in a minute’s time. To provide a high-quality audio experience, the portable speaker must-have modern audio technology. No matter where you are in the home, this portable speaker with this offers a stellar sound experience. There should be a variety of connectivity options available in a portable speaker so you don't have to hassle. The portable speaker has better and smarter connectivity, which saves time so you can enjoy your favourite music and movies instantly.

As the Thonet & Vander FREI 2.0 Channel 230 Watts Portable Speaker’s price is reasonable enough you don’t have to adjust your budget. Your portable speaker must be made from high-grade material if you wish to enjoy them for a long period. As this portable speaker is manufactured from durable portable speaker it can easily withstand for years to come. The portable speaker with superior power will keep you entertained with your favourite soundtracks and shows all day. The 23 watts protects this portable speaker from burning out and ensures optimal performance. When you are looking for a smart portable speaker, it must have a strong USP that will keep it competitive for many years to come. This portable speaker with the in-built hd microphone for hands free calling and multi-connectivity option like micro sd card play will impress you with its effortless performance and long-lasting efficiency. Order the Thonet & Vander FREI 2.0 Channel 230 Watts Portable Speaker online now for surreal audio quality!