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Why Join Croma?

We are a People's organization

'Success is not in hitting the headlines. Success is in reaching the Heartlines.'
- Mr. JRD Tata

Our people are our driving force, our lifeline. Our Brand ambassadors and warriors. People come here from varied walks of life but once here, they embrace our culture, our values, our vision. We are very proud of the fact that we have people from different parts of the country working together as one team for achieving a common goal. We celebrate this fact by dedicating one day of each month for a particular state's traditional food and attire. Apart from making the office environment interesting this also reinforces our commitment to value all cultures and people.

Infiniti Retail is a fairly new and growing organization. Hence there is tremendous opportunity for everyone to grow and learn with the organization. We are wholly open to untried and innovative ideas and genuinely support people who dare to think different.

Empowerment in an energized environment

'An empowered organization is one in which individuals have the knowledge, skill, desire, and opportunity to personally succeed in a way that leads to collective organizational success.' - Stephen Covey

We sincerely believe that the best can come from within only if the mind and spirit are free. We encourage people to break the status quo with bold & innovative ideas and arm them with power to make a difference. There is no place here for the mundane.

At Croma you can get hands on experience and the real taste of retail by witnessing all the intricacies yourself. You will be a direct interface of the organization and you can touch, feel, and test the waters directly at the warfront. Learn to understand the customers, interact, and grow with the booming industry.

So come, be a part of this enthusiastic team which provides you with both wings and roots, wings to know your freedom and empower you and roots to hold on to your values.

Endless opportunities and excitement

If you like to dream big and share our passion for relentless pursuit of excellence, we will nurture your dreams and together we shall work to make them a reality. We promise to give you a flying start in your career. Our people values, wealth of experience and professional ethics will give you ample opportunities to blossom professionally and personally.

As an HR policy we strongly believe in promoting talent from within before looking outside. Thus, although just a year and a half old, we have already run an Assessment Center for our Store and Support Office personnel. As a result many deserving candidates at all levels got promoted and Individual Development Programs were identified for the rest. Extensive training programs are chalked out for our people to continually expand their talent base and skills. At Infiniti we believe that we must go hand in hand for exploring newer horizons....

Having Fun on the Run

'To be a leader, you've got to lead human beings with affection.'
- Mr. JRD Tata

We believe in a performance oriented but open-door and fun-filled culture. Working in a charged up environment with likeminded people is fun in itself, but we also have fun fun. Birthday celebrations, picnics, parties, movies, get togethers.....and many such occasions are sought for to celebrate. If on some day we cannot find an occasion we simply create one!!

Our reasons for celebrating could be as inane as someone joining new, someone getting a new laptop or someone coming back from vacation - to genuine ones like the team overachieving sales targets or a colleague getting a promotion etc.

Our top management leads by example - working as part of their team trying to smoothen the rough edges. They are always available for any help and advice. There is a lot of enthusiasm, team work and positivety in an exciting and stimulating environment. So, come enter a world where we promise you good days and bad days, but never a dull moment!

Corporate Citizenship - The Tata Ideology

'Being sensitive to communities and environments in which we work, always ensuring that what comes from the people goes back to the people many times over'.
- Mr. JRD Tata

We conduct our business fairly, with honesty and transparency. Everything we do stands the test of public scrutiny. We are caring, respectful, compassionate and humanitarian towards our colleagues and customers around the world, and always work for the benefit of the communities we serve. We constantly strive to achieve the highest possible standards in our day-to-day work and in the quality of the goods and services we provide. We work cohesively with our colleagues across the Group and with our customers and partners around the world, building strong relationships based on tolerance, understanding and mutual cooperation.