Buy Xoopar Splash Pop 5 W Portable Bluetooth Speaker (XP81008.24A, Pink) Online - Croma
  • Mono Channel
  • Connectivity: USB | Bluetooth
  • 5 Watts
  • Dimensions - 9.3 x 5 x 10.3 cms
  • Audio Category

    • Connectivity/Inputs

    • Bluetooth | USB
    • Installation Type

    • Portable
  • Sound

    • Subwoofer Type

    • Not Available

The Xoopar Splash Pop Wireless Bluetooth Speaker combines a decorative, eccentric design with an effective sound delivery which crafted to amaze every music lover. So move on from your typically monochromic Bluetooth speakers and get one of these attractive speakers. Its 500mAh battery takes 1.5 hours to get charged with the provided micro USB cord and can play music continuously for 4 hours. It delivers 5W music which spreads in the entire room owing to the deep bass of the speaker.

Compatible and Convenient Everywhere

The Xoopar Splash Pop Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can avail both wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connection as well as wired connection with the in-built 0.35cm audio jack. This makes it compatible with most smart devices. It has a Bluetooth range of 1000cm so the connected device doesn’t have to be in close vicinity of the speaker. The built-in micro-SD card reader also enables you to use it without connecting to your phone and set a fixed playlist of all your favorite party songs. The speaker is the ideal speaker for pool parties and you can even use it on your vacations in the beach with IP65 certified water-resistance making sure that not even a splash of water will not damage it.

Detachable Suction Cup

The Xoopar Splash Pop Wireless Bluetooth Speaker comes with a removable suction cup mount allows you to stick the speaker on your glass surfaces while taking a long shower or attach it with a carabineer while you are out on the hills or fasten it to your bicycle while you are out for a ride. All these amazing features undoubtedly make it your ideal companion for outdoor escapades, whether you are out for a road trip, some adventure sports or partying by the streets.