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Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_0
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_1
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_2
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_3
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_4
Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)-217011_5

Blue Star 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC (FS318AATU, Copper Condenser, White)

  • 1.5 Ton, 3 Star, Split Ac
  • Approximate Coverage Area – 170 Sq. Ft (15.79 Sq. M)
  • IDU Dimension – 96.50 x21.50 x 31.90 cms
  • Rotary Compressor
  • Copper Condenser
  • 12 Months, 5 Years Compressor Warranty | 1 Years Condenser Warranty 

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Looking to Buy Something from Blue Star?

With so many options of electronics available in the market, it often gets confusing to differentiate one product from its alternate or the one that best suits you. This is where Croma steps in. It is our constant endeavour to understand your needs and help you find the best fit. Because, a purchase is just the first step to a relationship that will last for years to come.

Why Blue Star?

Blue Star is one of India’s biggest central air conditioning company with a network of 24 offices 5 modern manufacturing facilities and 650 dealers. The company was introduced on 20th December 1985. The company started with the business of manufacturing and installing air conditioners and commercial refrigeration. Later they even introduced water and air purifiers. This is one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to ACs.

The brand has various service centres all across India. So whether you need service or need a replacement of any part, they can easily serve you. The quality product and phenomenal after-sale service make Bluestar one of the best company in India.

Blue Star Product Diversity

Air Conditioners

Blue Star AC are broadly divided into split, inverter, window and portable ACs. Blue Star inverter AC is available in 3 and 5 star rating. The Blue Star air conditioner are stylish, intuitive and are packed with features. The precision cooling technology ensures precise control (+/- 0.5 °C) to avoid indoor room temperature fluctuations to guarantee comfortable cooling experience. The inverter ACs are designed with dual rotor inverter compressor which results in faster cooling and quieter operation. This AC comprises of 100% copper condenser which means the room will get cool quickly as copper is a better heat exchanger than aluminium. There are few models with air filtration properties. Check the best Blue Star AC 5 star prices online.

Blue Star fixed speed split air conditioners are designed with a fixed speed compressor. These Blue Star split ACs are 3-star energy-efficient. iFeel technology ensures the desired comfort around you. This range feature 2-way auto swing, this means that the ACs are motorised with horizontal and vertical swing to deliver uniform cooling across the home via omni-directional air blowing. The Self Clean Technology featured in this range prohibits the accumulation of any kind of moisture, mold and dust. The models are available in 1, 1.5, 2 ton options. Check the models and prices now!

Blue Star window ACs are compact and easy to install. They have highly efficient rotary compressor and are fully loaded with features like such as sleep mode and anti-freeze thermostat. Bluestar window ACs have inverter technology in them. This means they have adjustable speed compressors which can smartly vary frequency as per the ambient of the room or number of the people present in the room, thereby offering comfort cooling and maximum saving on energy.

Blue Star Portable ACs gives you the liberty of taking your AC along with you, wherever you go! You just have to make sure the pipe of the ac is affixed to any window. This portable ac features quick cooling, R410 eco-friendly refrigerant, anti-bacterial silver coating and hydrophilic gold fin for protection of accumulation. Take the demo of the Bluestar portable ac at your nearest Croma store. In case you are planning to buy any specific model then do check out blue star ac price with us for the best deal online.

Water Purifiers & Water Dispensers

Blue Star water purifiers are broadly divided into four types- Alkaline Antioxidant, Mineral, RO++ and UV. Alkaline Antioxidant water purifiers are fortified with Immuno boost technology to offer antioxidant alkaline water that reinforces your defence systems, thereby enhancing the immunity. The models are available with RO and UV feature too. The Mineral range comes with aqua mineral infuser. This means minerals like calcium, magnesium, and other essential minerals are added to purified water for health benefits. The RO++ range consists of the models which combine advanced technologies such as RO, UV and UF. The RO membrane eliminates dissolved impurities, heavy metals and radioactive matter. The last Bluestar UV water purifiers are designed to eliminate microbiological impurities present in water. The purifier comes with indicators for safety and change of filter. Blue Star also have water dispensers. Blue Star water dispensers come with and without filters, usually having an option of hot/cold water and storage. These are a great choice for commercial use.

Why Should You Buy Blue Star Products from Croma?

Blue Star’s strategic association with Croma has been a long one. Our deep engagement with technology and understanding of consumers has enabled us to collaborate and curate a wide range of products which carry the latest features, and are competitively priced. At Croma, we try to ensure a seamless shopping experience - in-store, online or mobile. Among a flurry of benefits, we provide personalised exclusive offers through Croma Privilege, convenient EMI payment options, as well as a Life Time Service Assurance and services for e-waste disposal to encourage responsible consumption. Also, while the Blue Star air conditioner costs in India may vary from technology to feature, we strive to provide a wide catalogue of Blue Star products at the best deals for every budget. After all, the core purpose of Croma is to convert each and every dream of our customers into reality.