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Bluestar Window ACs

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  • Blue Star 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (5W18GBT, Copper Condenser, White)

    ₹38,500.00   ₹27,990.00
    27% OFF
    • 1.5 Ton, 5 Star, Window Ac
    • Approximate Coverage Area – 170 Sq. Ft (16 Sq. M)
    • Dimension – 66.01 x 77.01 x 43.01 cms
    • Rotary Compressor
    • Copper Condenser
    • 12 Months, 5 Years Compressor Warranty 

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    Standard delivery available for 5000+ pin codes.

  • Blue Star 2 Ton 2 Star Window AC (2W24GA, Copper Condenser, White)

    ₹38,000.00   ₹32,900.00
    13% OFF
    • Restart with Memory Function
    • Sleep Mode
    • Self Diagnosis System
    • Rated Cooling Capacity-5725
    • LCD Remote

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    Standard delivery available for 5000+ pin codes.

  • Blue Star 1 Ton 3 Star Window AC (3W12LA, Copper Condenser, Milky White)

    ₹27,500.00   ₹20,990.00
    24% OFF
    • 1 Ton, 3 Star, Window Ac
    • Approximate Coverage Area – 120 Sq. Ft (11.15 Sq. M)
    • Dimension – 56 x 62 x 38cms
    • Rotary Compressor
    • Copper Condenser
    • 12 Months, 5 Years Compressor Warranty 

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  • Window Air Conditioner


    What’s better than walking into a perfectly air-conditioned house in the summer heat and humidity? However, central air conditioning and split ACs are expensive and complex to install. A window air conditioning system is an affordable, hassle-free way to cool your home easily. They also are known as a window AC or a room air conditioner, is designed to cool a single room and can be a good, easy-to-install option if a split AC system is too expensive, or if you simply want to cool a single room rather than the whole house. Window Ac units are relatively smaller than split ACs, thereby saving up on that ever important square footage. Small window air conditioners efficiently save space while providing effective cooling. Customers have also long appreciated the cost of window ACs, perfectly suited for the masses.


    Best Window AC in India


    Window ACs have always been a staple starter AC for Indian families. With Split ACs prices often out of reach for Indian consumers and various exciting deals on window ACs for the summer season, more and more customers are looking to buy window ACs online. Numerous top AC brands produce window ACs, with thousands of great options including – O General window ACs, Daikin window ACs, LG window AC, Voltas window ACs, With Hitachi window ACs, and Blue Star window ACs. Each brand presents its own set of unique features and technologies which aim to target different segments of customers.


    How to Pick my Window AC?


    The important considerations to make when purchasing a window AC are as follows:
    Capacity: Window AC cooling capacity is denoted by a Ton value (window AC 1.5 Ton, window AC 1 Ton). This signifies the cooling power of the AC and directly correlates with room size. Bigger the capacity, bigger the room it can cool.
    Star Rating: Power efficiency of the window AC is denoted by star rating. With numerous 5-star window AC options, multiple excellent power saving options are available. Though a 5-star window AC price may appear more than a 1 Ton 3-star window AC, the savings over the course of time will be much greater with the 5 stars rated model.
    Copper Condenser: It is important to look out for a copper condenser when looking or a new AC, other condensers have lesser effectiveness and durability.
    Price: Window AC prices have always been more accessible than split ACs or portable ACs. With reductions in window AC rates across the market, the popularity and demand for window AC are higher than ever.


    Benefits of Window AC


    Window ACs have many advantages over split ACs, air coolers, and even Portable ACs. The biggest advantage is the drastically lower investment cost in a window type air conditioner as well as the window AC size in comparison to similar capacity split ACs. Window ACs are also much easier in terms if installation and setup, and perfect for houses where space is at a premium. Whether it’s a 1 BHK flat or a 2 story bungalow, a window AC is suited to everyone's needs. In window ACs, all AC parts including AC compressor are integrated into a compact unit, hence window ACs are great for saving on vertical space. We range several top brands ACs here including IFB window ACs, Whirlpool window ACs, Onida window ACs and Videocon window ACs.


    Buy Window AC Online


    Croma is your one stop destination for all the best window ACs in India. brings to you the most exciting deals, with the A best window AC prices in India . With listed features, detailed descriptions and technical specifications on cooling capacity, energy star rating, condenser type and more, choosing the right window AC for you is such a breeze. will help you make an informed purchase of the best window AC for you, whether that is a 2 Ton window AC or the best window AC with 1.5 Ton capacity. At you can get the most compact and functional window ACs, from all major brands including Samsung window ACs, Panasonic window ACs, Mitsubishi window ACs and Haier window ACs at pocket- friendly prices. Aside from these, you can also check for popular window air conditioners available from Croma as well. With various excellent options for window ACs with a compact design and high performance at accessible prices, many customers are opting for Croma window ACs. As we move towards a cashless economy, Croma is right by your side. With multiple secure online payment options like Net Banking, Credit Card, Debit Card, EMI, wallet payments and many more, you can easily buy a window AC online from the comfort of your home. You can always choose to drop by at your nearest Croma store to enjoy a hands-on experience of all the best window air conditioners available today. Our service representatives will be more than happy to help you make a comparison of the various features and the split AC prices in India, to find the right window AC for you. Once you have placed your order, just sit back and relax. Your window AC will arrive right at your doorstep.


    Browse through our broad range of Window ACs online from brands like Panasonic,Samsung,Super General,Croma,Hitachi,Bluestar,Carrier and many more . Get the best online shopping deals and enjoy fast delivery from Croma
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