Buy Crompton Aura 120cm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan (Anti-Dust Technology, Designer 2D, Golden) Online - Croma
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  • Ideal For: Home | Office Use
  • Ceiling Mount
  • Air Flow Volume: 13800 m³/hr
  • 5 Level Speed Settings
  • Power: 74 Watts
  • 60 Months Warranty
  • Product Category

    • Fan Type

    • Ceiling Fan
    • Ideal For

    • Home | Office
    • Installation Type

    • Ceiling Mount
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Crompton
    • Model Series

    • Aura
    • Model Number

    • Designer 2D

The Crompton Aura 120cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan is designed with awesome specifications and style

  • 5 Level Speed Settings ensures a comfortable flow of air as per your convenience
  • Duratech Technology gives the fan higher durability
  • Dual Coat Copper used in motor windings offers double protection
  • 2-Piece Construction makes the fan robust, and less prone to vibration and noise

Buy Crompton Aura 120cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan which combines beautiful design with breakthrough performance. It helps to make the indoors look a lot more modern and stylish. The Crompton Aura 120cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan lift the charm quotient of any room. It is equipped with 2-piece construction which makes the fan much more robust and less prone to vibration and noise. High-grade EMQ bearing used for the Aura motor are the highest grade bearings available for fans. It comes with a speed of 380 RPM. The airflow volume is of 13800 m3/hour.

When you get Crompton Aura 120cm Sweep 3 Blade Ceiling Fan online, you also get an awesome companion for a lifetime. The dual coat copper used in motor winding, offers double protection, ensuring better insulation and abrasion resistance when subjected to high temperatures and sudden overloads. It also comes with a high endurance box capacitor. The fan use cold-rolled non-grain-oriented steel (CRNGO) which is highly compatible with electric motors. It has 5-speed settings.