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  • Subject: Technology
  • Ideal For: Multiple Users
  • Ideal For: Afterschool Programs | Home Learning
  • Do It Yourself Kit
  • Graphical Programming
  • Toy Category

    • Product Type

    • Learning System
    • Ideal For

    • Children
  • Educational Category

    • Product Type

    • DIY Kit
    • Subject

    • Technology
    • User Access

    • Single User
    • Suitable for

    • Age 15+

Why buy O2i Smart Plug Do It Yourself Kit for Children


  • Graphical Programming allows simple drag and drop coding method that enables children to make their app easily
  • Practical Applications that allows pre-assembled smart plug which is connected to a home appliance to be programmed via the USB cable (in the kit) thus enabling your child to control any device
  • Do-It-Yourself Kit allows a hands-on approach that helps children learn faster and retain longer
  • Online Course offers your child to understand the aspects of IoT in a comprehensive fashion
  • Instruction Manual + Assembly Videos + On-Call Support all made available in a simplified manner


Ignite the spirit and drive among your kids to learn and strive to embrace technology with the O2i Smart Plug Do It Yourself Kit for Children. The educational toy proves as a catalyst through which your child can learn how to build applications that can switch on/off any appliance at your home via the app that has been created on the phone. So, what will your kid learn with the O2i Smart Plug Do It Yourself Kit for Children? Firstly, it introduces the Internet of Things (IoT) to the child; It is often noted that children learn traditionally without gaining much practical life. Smart Plug serves as a hands-on kit that allows your child to understand how new-age technologies such as IoT, Cloud Computing actually work in reality and more importantly, apply these concepts in his daily life.


Simultaneously, the O2i Smart Plug Do It Yourself Kit for Children also serves as a healthy resource in understanding App development. Using the instruction manual, the assemble videos, and on-call support, your child can comfortably understand and execute easy commands that will aid them in building an application that can turn on and turn off your home appliances remotely with the aid of cloud computing and IoT. Buy the DIY Kit and ignite the curiosity of garnering more knowledge among your kids!