Buy Sony Z8H Series 215cm (85 Inch) Ultra HD 8K LED Android Smart TV (Built-in Chromecast, KD-85Z8H, Black) Online – Croma

Key Features

  • 215cm (85"), Ultra HD 8K
  • Android Smart TV
  • Surround Speakers
  • 3 x USB | 4 x HDMI
  • Ideal Viewing Distance: 15Ft & Above
  • 12 Months Warranty


  • Television Category

    • Television Type

    • Flat Panel
    • Television Format

    • Ultra HD 8K
    • Television Features

    • Android Smart TV
    • Ideal Viewing Distance

    • 15 Ft & Above
  • Manufacturer Details

    • Brand

    • Sony
    • Model Series

    • Z8H Series
    • Model Number

    • KD-85Z8H

Why buy Sony Z8H Series 215 cm (85 Inch) Ultra HD 8K LED Android Smart TV


  • 215 cm large screen with a one-slate design for a theatre-like viewing experience
  • X1 Ultimate processor for accurate colour reproduction and realistic images
  • Android-based TV lets you access over 5,000 apps for unlimited entertainment
  • X-Protection PRO technology offers protection from humidity, lightning strikes, and power surges
  • Integrated speakers with S-Force Front Surround technology offer a multidimensional audio output


If you're looking to upgrade your TV, then buy Sony Z8H Series 215 cm (85 Inch) Ultra HD 8K LED Android Smart TV, for it takes your immersive viewing experience to the next level. Sit back and watch your favourite movie characters come alive on the big 8k screen and revel in every breathtaking detail. Often TVs that are too large tend to overpower to room, but not this HDR TV. Beautifully designed with a minimalist, one-slate design and a razor-thin bezel, this full array LED TV offers a distraction-free, immersive experience. Equipped with the powerful X1 Ultimate processor, this 8k TV renders every little detail with intense depth, and you can see deeper blacks and brighter whites with local dimming. The processor also reproduces more colours for true-to-life visuals, while the X-Wide viewing angle gives you a great viewing experience regardless of the angle. This Android TV not only gives you access to over 5,000 apps but also features Google Assistant for advanced voice control.


Get the Sony Z8H Series 215 cm (85 Inch) Ultra HD 8K LED Android Smart TV online to enjoy multi-dimensional sound with its S-Force Front Surround technology. The speakers, which feature Dolby Audio and Dolby Atmos, are built into the frame closer to the centre of the screen for a well-balanced audio experience. It gets a little inconvenient to keep adjusting the contrast and brightness settings based on your lighting. But with this TV's exclusive ambient optimisation technology, you don't need to worry about getting the settings right, because it automatically adjusts the audio as well as video as per the environment. The proprietary X-Protection PRO technology ensures that this television is built to offer lasting value. It includes a lightning protector in case of a storm as well as a primary capacitor to offer protection against electrical surges. Moreover, an anti-humidity coating protects the TV against short-circuits caused due to high moisture levels. This TV comes with a discrete dual-position stand that can be used with large or small shelves without compromising on your viewing experience. Another plus point is that this TV works with Alexa, Google Home, your iPhone, iPad, or Mac as well as Chromecast. The sleek aluminium brushed remote boasts premium looks, gives you control via Bluetooth connectivity too, and is also conveniently visible in the dark. The Sony Z8H Series 215 cm (85 Inch) Ultra HD 8K LED Android Smart TV is in line with its advanced features and seems well worth the investment as it promises seamless entertainment for years to come.