Adobe’s new AI-powered assistant lets you summarise and ask questions about your PDFs

Navigating large documents will be a pain no more

Adobe’s new AI-powered assistant lets you summarise and ask questions about your PDFs

Who said generative AI is limited to mainstream platforms such as ChatGPT from OpenAI, Gemini (formerly Bard) from Google, or even Microsoft Copilot? Several other players in the tech industry, including Samsung with Galaxy AI, Nvidia with Chat with RTX, and more, have begun to make steady inroads into the generative AI space recently.

Well, the latest entrant on the scene happens to be Adobe, which has just unveiled a new AI-powered conversational engine on the Acrobat PDF reader app. Here’s all you need to know.

Adobe AI assistant: What it can do for you

Adobe on Tuesday unveiled its new beta AI-powered conversational engine in the Acrobat app. The engine can answer your questions about the content in a given document, generate summaries of it, and more. It doesn’t stop there, though.

The new AI assistant on Acrobat can also provide users with recommended questions on the document that they may want to explore the answers to.

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Moreover, whether it’s the answer to a question you ask the chatbot, or it’s one to a question recommended by the chatbot, it generates citations for wherever it picks up the answers from, in a document. Once you click on the citation, you will be taken to the page where it picked up the answers from, and the relevant parts on the same will also be highlighted.

In addition to this, when you ask the assistant to summarise a given document, you can also ask for it to email the summary to you.

What’s cool is that the AI assistant can answer questions and summarise the document regardless of its size. This means students and professionals alike have a fair idea of where to pick out information from a document before they begin and turn it into snappy looking reports and PowerPoint presentations.

What’s more, no user data or documents are stored to train the chatbot either, which helps put to rest any privacy concerns that may arise with the platform.

How to access the new AI assistant from Adobe

The Adobe Acrobat AI assistant is currently available in beta at no additional cost for the Acrobat Standard and Pro Individual, as well as Teams subscription plans. It will also be rolled out to users of the Reader app on desktops and laptops in English in the coming weeks, at no additional cost.

Once the stable version of the AI assistant is released, all Reader and Acrobat customers can access the same via a new add-on subscription plan.

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