Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner makes cleaning your home a breeze

Cleaning will be a chore no more

Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner makes cleaning your home a breeze

Cleaning is a chore people seldom enjoy, and naturally so. After all, who wants to spend hours toiling away in the heat, only to end up with sore arms later, right? Well, if you’re grappling with a similar situation, we have two words for you: Vacuum cleaners.

And Bosch has a new offering for you. Enter, the newly launched Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner.

Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner: Key specifications

The Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner is equipped with a TurboSpin motor with a peak speed of as much as 66,000 rpm, meaning it can suck up most bits of dust and debris with ease. The vacuum cleaner, Bosch claims, can capture over 99 per cent of all dust in one’s home, in a single go. What’s cool is there is also up to a 10-year guarantee on the motor too.

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The Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner gets a 3.0Ah battery which the company claims is good enough to clean up to 1,000 sq. ft. of the house in a go, or for it to run for up to 40 minutes continuously. Speaking of charging, the vacuum cleaner takes approximately five hours to charge from 0 to 100 per cent.

The flex tube on the vacuum cleaner ensures easy maneuverability, which additionally makes sure you can clean up the dust from corners which you may not have been able to otherwise. Interestingly, the vacuum cleaner also gets LED lights – which means you can also spot dust and dirt in places that may otherwise not be visible to the naked eye.

The appliance also offers an auto-mode. It adjusts the power output of the vacuum cleaner on its own its own, to ensure it consumes no more power than is required, depending on the type of surface it is being used to clean.

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Speaking of the tube, bearing in mind that the vacuum cleaner is a handheld stick model which weighs a mere 2.9KG , also means that cleaning your home requires no bending or squatting, which strains your back otherwise. Its thin and light form factor also makes storage a breeze.

Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner: Pricing and availability

The Bosch Unlimited 7 Handstick vacuum cleaner is available in three colourways – Red, Graphite, and White. The vacuum cleaner is priced at Rs 30,000 and can picked up from Bosch’s website, and stores, as well as all other authorised retailers and major e-commerce portals across India.

A few other options you can consider in the price range are the Philips wet and dry vacuum cleaner and the Dyson V8 Absolute portable vacuum cleaner.

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