Google Veo is a text-to-video AI model that is here to take on OpenAI’s Sora

Veo will lend filmmakers the ability to build cinematic shots using only prompts

Google Veo is a text-to-video AI model that is here to take on OpenAI’s Sora

Google hosted its annual developer’s conference — Google I/O 2024 — last night, and with it came a flurry of announcements for developers and users like. Apart from making its AI model Gemini more context-aware and integrating it within the search engine, the company also went on to introduce cool new possibilities, such as Project Astra and Imagen 3, which harness artificial intelligence to help work smarter in the future. 

Within this segment of announcements, Google also introduced its video generational AI model that can generate sweeping cinematic shots in different visual styles. The text-to-video model will rival OpenAI’s Sora which was introduced early this year. Here’s everything Google Veo can do, along with its availability details.

Google Veo: What's it all about?

Google mentions how Veo will help creators gain ‘unprecedented creative control’ over their projects. The generative video model is built to capture fine details in your video clip based on just your text prompt.

The AI model will be able to generate high-quality 1080p resolution videos which Google claims can effortlessly go above a minute’s mark. As of today, OpenAI’s Sora can do pretty much all of this; however, the video length is limited to under a minute.

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Google also goes on to mention how Veo has an advanced understanding of natural language along with visual semantics to help come close to a user’s creative vision. This essentially translates your longer prompts and tones into a more concise clip instead of an otherwise vague output.

In addition to that, Veo will be able to understand commands and prompts, such as timelapse, or drone/aerial shots of a city, when asked for it. The generative AI platform will be able to render consistent footage of your subject, animal or people, especially during a moving shot. Lastly, creators will also be able to modify or edit the video clip with supporting prompts.

When will Google Veo be available for use?

Google announcement that Veo is currently only available for private preview and to a select number of creators at present. There is, however, an opportunity to sign up on a waitlist for when the platform officially rolls out.

While it is too soon to say, it may seem like Google Veo could come to YouTube Shorts, and other products, in the near future, as stated by the brand during the keynote address.

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