How dual inverter ACs and inverter ACs are different

Understanding the difference between air conditioners

How dual inverter ACs and inverter ACs are different

When it’s time to beat the heat during the summer, choosing the right air conditioner makes all the difference. You likely have already heard of both inverter and dual inverter ACs. But, have you ever wondered just what sets the two apart, and which one is the one for you?

Well, we’re here to help you with precisely that. Read on. 

1. Cooling

Inverter ACs

An inverter AC works with a single-rotary compressor. It adjusts the speed of the compressor such that the rate of flow of the cooling refrigerant inside is controlled as per the temperature, which in turn leads to reduced consumption of electricity.

Dual inverter ACs 

Dual inverter ACs on the other hand, have twin rotary compressors, as compared to normal inverter ACs. Think of it as two compressors operating in simple inverter air conditioners. Using a twin rotary compressor, a single compressor can provide the desired cooling at reduced speeds, which prevents higher power consumption. This also helps reduce vibration and elongates the lifespan of the AC unit.

2. Energy saving

Inverter ACs

The number one benefit of inverter ACs is their energy efficiency. Since they do not use too much energy every time they start, they consume less power. This can bring about exponential savings in your electricity bills, particularly during the summer months.

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Dual inverter ACs 

Dual inverter ACs are even more efficient, as they can regulate their cooling with precision, ensuring that they use just the right amount of electricity to obtain one’s preferred temperature. 

3. Noise

Inverter ACs

Inverter ACs are designed to run quietly. Their ability to run at lower speeds and still cool a room results in much less noise. This quiet operation helps create a pleasant environment indoors.

Dual Inverter ACs

Dual inverter ACs, similar to inverter ACs, are also designed to run quietly. Far more so, than conventional ACs.

Choosing between an inverter AC and a dual inverter AC comes down to your specific requirements and budget. If you are looking for an energy-efficient cooling solution, which can just make soaring temperatures in summer bearable, on a slight budget, opt for an inverter AC. If however, one’s only focus is more intense cooling amidst rising temperatures, budget no bar, one should ideally opt for dual inverter ACs.

When making your choice though, take into account your climate, and budget, vis-a-vis purchase, maintenance, as well as electricity consumption. 

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