MacBooks vs Windows laptops: Choosing the right one for you

Should you get a MacBook or a Windows PC? Here's how to choose

MacBooks vs Windows laptops: Choosing the right one for you

When buying a new laptop, the decision becomes extremely difficult as you are dragged into the MacBook vs Windows debate. For years, the decision to choose between MacBooks and Windows laptops has not always been easy. Apple’s decision to replace Intel processors with its own M-series chips has made the MacBooks hit new performance benchmarks while also consuming less power.

While variety had always been the strongest suit of Windows laptops, it is now embarking into the world of AI PCs. Both MacBooks and Windows laptops also have mature ecosystems in the form of macOS and Windows 11 respectively. All this makes the already difficult choice between the two even more difficult.

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There is, however, a way to ensure that you are choosing the right one. The primary thing to remember is that the laptop you choose today is going to be with you for three to five years. It will define how you manage your workflow and can also decide which smartphone or tablet or smartwatch you buy. So, without further ado, let’s help you choose between MacBooks and Windows laptops.

MacBook vs Windows: Design

There is no denying that MacBooks lead the way when it comes to industrial design. Their aluminium enclosure and sleek lines make them look stunning and also worth their asking price. Since the launch of the M2 MacBook Air in June 2022, the entire MacBook lineup now shares a similar design language, which means great feel and ergonomics.

With the MacBooks, you not only get well-designed laptops but also well-built ones. You can pop open the screen with one hand and the screen stays firmly in whichever position you leave it in. The hinge mechanism on MacBook ensures there is no wobble and when paired with the excellent Magic Keyboard and Force Touch trackpad, there is not much to complain about in terms of design.

On the Windows laptop front, it was once difficult to find a laptop that matched the design finesse of MacBooks. Dell’s XPS 13 and Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon are a great example of how you can find similar levels of engineering in the Windows camp. Dell XPS 13, in particular, looks extraordinary with its CNC-machined aluminium chassis, well-designed keyboard, and glass touchpad with haptics. The real differentiator between MacBooks and Windows laptops is the variety offered by the latter.

Windows laptops not only match MacBooks in terms of design but also offer more choice in terms of form factor as well as colour. You can choose Windows laptops in form factors such as tablets, convertible 2-in-1s, dual-screen laptops, and even foldables.

MacBooks are limited to the trusted clamshell form factor and lack support for touch and pen input. If you see your workflow evolving to add touch or pen input and want a design that can transform then Windows will be a better option, while MacBook is for those who want to live the “designed by Apple in California” life.

Mac vs Windows: Hardware

The hardware is where things get really interesting. MacBooks now use Apple Silicon, which is based on ARM architecture previously found on iPhone and iPad. This means you are getting a chip that combines graphics and processing into one and throws in a NPU as well for accelerating AI tasks. This design not only delivers great performance but does that with never seen before efficiency.

You can get a MacBook Air with a fanless design for a completely silent experience or go for MacBook Pro with Max chipset for most demanding creative applications. Modern MacBooks have enough performance headroom for most applications, and that is necessary since your laptop will stay with you for several years, and applications will only get more performance intensive.

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Windows laptops have predominantly relied on Intel or AMD processors and option for discrete graphics from Nvidia or AMD. However, Microsoft recently introduced Copilot+ PCs that use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite chipsets based on the aforementioned ARM architecture. While Intel and AMD-based Windows laptops are known for extraordinary performance with poor battery life, Qualcomm claims to have delivered a highly efficient chip for Windows laptops.

With Windows laptops, you can find fanless designs as well as laptops that are quieter and cooler with Intel chips inside. However, there are models that house a beefier processor aimed for high-performance gaming and also meet the needs of demanding creative applications.

When it comes to hardware, it is a no-brainer that Windows machines are better suited for gaming than MacBooks. MacBooks, on the other hand, are better suited for creative applications and for things like music production or video editing. Long story short, both MacBooks and Windows laptops have incredible computing power in a portable design.

MacBooks vs Windows laptops: Operating system

For years, MacBooks vs Windows laptop has eventually rested on the latter’s UNIX-based operating system delivering excellent user experience that is also safe from any malware or viruses. However, the macOS has seen its own share of vulnerabilities and security has probably taken a backseat with the release of recent versions.

This has come at a time when Windows has not only bolstered its security suite but has also tried to become uniform. The real advantage with macOS is the uniformity of its experience. The File menu, for example, stays in the same place regardless of the program you use on your MacBook. The integration between macOS, iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS is something that you can’t find on any other ecosystem.

Windows has tried to borrow some design cues from macOS with Windows 11’s centred taskbar, rounded corners, and overall look are clearly inspired. That’s not a bad thing and only makes Windows modern, but there is so much inconsistency that Windows loses its charm as soon as it wins you. The control panel, for example, is a relic from the past while each app has its own design language showing a lack of uniformity.

For most Windows users, these inconsistencies are jarring at times but not deal breaker enough to leave the ecosystem. If you use Apple designed programs like Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro then it would be difficult for you to leave macOS but if you use programs like Adobe Creative Suite or use CAD-based applications then Windows might seem more relevant.

MacBooks vs Windows laptops: How to choose

If you are looking for a laptop with consistent build quality as well as user experience then look no further than MacBooks. They are superior in terms of build quality, performance, battery life, and the broader ecosystem support. If you choose a MacBook then be ready to be content with Apple-designed applications and living a life defined by Apple’s walled gardens.

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Windows is for those who choose diversity, whether it is in terms of hardware product portfolio, accessories, or the suite of applications you need to use for work. Windows laptops offer much more freedom in terms of how you use your machine because of all the different form factors. If you are a gamer, a Windows laptop is a far better choice than MacBooks.

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