Sony ILME-FR7 PTZ camera launched in India: What’s new

Pan, Tilt and Zoom cameras just got better

Sony ILME-FR7 PTZ camera launched in India: What’s new

Sony’s ILME-FR7 camera is set to soon be available in India for photography and videography professionals who have been waiting for Sony’s latest PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) camera. The camera is one of the world’s first PTZ cameras to combine a full-frame image sensor, lens interchangeability and remote shooting functionality, and it also comes with a lot of features like up to 100 preset camera positions, and real-time eye auto-focus. Here’s a deeper look at the new camera and all it can do, along with details on how you can get your hands on it.

Sony ILME-FR7 camera specifications: What’s new?

The Sony ILME FR7 camera is the brand’s latest addition to the Cinema Line and supports Sony’s E-mount interchangeable lens cameras with a full-frame image sensor and built-in PTZ functionality. The latter includes a dedicated web application that allows users to focus, record, playback and control many other camera settings straight from a tablet or computer . The application also allows multiple people to monitor the footage from the FR7.

Talking specifications, the FR7 pan and tilt speeds can be continuously varied from 0.02 degrees per second to 60 degrees per second, while supporting various camera movements. The camera also comes with a pan angle of -170-170 degrees, and the tilt angle range is from -30-195 degrees. Other features include 100 preset camera positions, support for the S700 protocol, Ethernet connectivity, real-time auto-focus and tracking.

The camera also comes with Sony’s built-in ND adjustment along with an auto-ND function keeps exposure constant by automatically adjusting the ND filter to match the changing light. For professionals who deal with video production, the camera also comes with the ability to record high-quality XAVC-1 footage with metadata, while an SDI output can deliver a 16-bit RAW signal to recorders.

Also included are HDMI Type-A and 12G-SDI connectors, as well as an audio-input XLR type 5-pin connector. Sony ILME-FRZ camera users will also be able to sync with external devices and multi-camera setups. Oh yes, there are also red/green tally lights on the side panels of the device to easily identify the on-air and preview cameras.

How can you get one?

The Sony ILME-FR7 PTZ camera price is kept under wraps, but the device will be available in India from January 31. Interested users can get in touch with Sony for more details via the company’s official website.

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