Standard inverter vs digital inverter: Which compressor is better for your refrigerator?

The ultimate guide to a better compressor for your refrigerator

Standard inverter vs digital inverter: Which compressor is better for your refrigerator?

With the refrigerators getting better and smarter, even the compressors have seen an evolution in recent times. Compressors are responsible for compressing the refrigerant and circulating it in the refrigerator along with regulating the temperature. Recent technology upgrades have made the compressors better and more efficient. You must have come across terms like standard inverter compressor and digital inverter compressor. So, what do they mean? And which one is better?

What is an inverter compressor and how does it affect efficiency?

Inverter compressors in today’s refrigerators feature automatic temperature regulation, wherein they run at variable speeds. This results in lower power consumption while carrying out the day-to-day refrigeration process.

Differences between a standard and a digital inverter compressor

As the name suggests, digital inverter compressors are tech-enabled and differ from standard compressors in various aspects.

Energy consumption
Digital compressors use lesser power and are more energy-efficient than conventional compressors. Built on the latest eco-friendly models, digital inverters release lower amounts of harmful gases like CFC’s, and are better for the environment as well as our pockets.

Durability and lifespan
Normal compressors follow the outdated on-off system, hence there are higher chances that they get heated up easily. Digital compressors provide a longer lifespan of 15-20 years on average. They also have automatic temperature control.

Overall refrigeration
Digital inverter-based compressors offer one of the best cooling experiences. They have microprocessors that are controlled by software, and this in turn provides auto regulatory system to them. Standard compressors lack any of these perks.

Noise control
Standard compressors are noisy with their entire process of switching on and off. Digital compressors yet again surprise us by their low sound, and easy refrigeration techniques.

Standard Inverter vs Digital Inverter: Which one should you buy?

Digital inverters are undoubtedly the best fit owing to the current market scenario. While they are priced a bit higher, buyers will recuperate the cost via lower electricity bills and longer lifespan.

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