Washing machine technologies that will safeguard your delicate clothes

Protect your clothes like a pro

Washing machine technologies that will safeguard your delicate clothes

Have you ever felt the heart-stopping moment when you tossed your favourite silk shirt into the washing machine, only to have it come out like a dog’s chew toy? We all have a dedicated wardrobe corner to keep our “once upon a time” delicate clothes that have turned into tissue paper now.   

But thanks to the latest washing machine technologies that have made cleaning delicate clothes a breeze. These technologies ensure delicate wash cycles that are equivalent to handwashing. Let’s dive headfirst into the different washing machine technologies that will keep your delicate clothes fabulous.

Eco bubble technology

Samsung’s brainchild, Eco Bubble technology, is an intelligent function that creates bubbles from the detergent instead of dissolving the detergent in water. This ensures thorough cleaning of the delicate clothes minus the need for a water temperature rise, which might have affected the cloth fabric otherwise.  

Cradle wash technology

Available in IFB washing machines, Cradle Wash technology washes your delicate clothes as gently as a cradle rocks a baby.

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This technology extracts the water after washing by spinning the tub slowly at 400 RPM. Thus, the water is eliminated without any damage to the delicate clothes.  

Diamond drum technology

The exit water holes of these drums are 25 per cent smaller than other drums, thus preventing the fabric from sticking out and consequently getting damaged. Present in Samsung washing machines, the Diamond Drum technology ensures gentle yet effective cleaning of your delicate clothes.   

Active bubble wash technology

Offered by Croma washing machines, Active Bubble technology offers an effective solution to clean delicate clothes. Here, the detergent compartment is intelligently placed sidewise inside the drum instead of top positioning. This allows the detergent to penetrate easily into the cloth fabric in the form of foam or bubbles. It also ensures effective cleaning of the soft fabrics without hot water and prevents the detergent from directly coming into contact with clothes.  

Bubble drum technology

Get your toughest stains removed from your party clothes without stress with the Bubble Drum technology available in Onida washing machines. Engineered with stainless steel, these drums prevent rust and rust stains, too, which would have led you to discard your clothes otherwise.

The concern is not just about getting your clothes cleaned but ensuring effective cleaning with maximum fabric care. With these technologies in mind, we’re sure your clothes and delicates will have an extended lifespan.

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