Why exchanging your gadgets is a responsible way of disposing them

Doing your bit for the environment

Why exchanging your gadgets is a responsible way of disposing them

Each of your gadgets has a finite lifespan. When it reaches the end, it may not function anymore, or may not function as well as it used to. Naturally then, your instinct will be to bring home newer, upgraded versions of the same.

In such cases, while we put in a lot of thought behind purchasing new gadgets, we hardly ever do the same when disposing of old ones. It is easy to discard older electronics, but that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do. Exchanging older electronics for new ones is a smarter and more responsible way to go. Read on to know why.

What is e-waste?

E-waste refers to all electronics, large or small, which are no longer in working condition, and have been rendered obsolete. It can include anything and everything from gadgets such as your smartphones, headphones, laptops and tablets, to large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, ACs, TVs, and microwaves.

India happens to be the third largest producer of e-waste in the world. However, barely a tenth of it is actually collected and processed to be recycled or disposed of responsibly. As per studies, around 90 per cent of this ends up in landfills, where it is not discarded properly.

E-waste is not only harmful for the environment, but also for you. They tend to contain over 1,000 harmful substances, which can include lead, mercury, nickel and more. These substances can find their way into water sources, the air, as well as the soil around you, and through them into our bodies.

Why should you consider exchanging your electronics?

Disposing this e-waste responsibly then is extremely crucial. This is where electronics retailers and manufacturers come in. Most of them have mechanisms in place for the safe disposal of e-waste.

Safe processing of e-waste also helps recycle plastic, and extract metals for reuse, thereby helping conserve our planet’s resources for future generations. Retailers like Croma have occasional exchange sales, wherein in you can bring in any old electronics, and leave with a new gadget.

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More often than not, they also accept dead electronics. These are responsibly recycled with the help of partners. Additionally, Croma also plants a tree any time a consumer deposits e-waste with them, which also helps make the world a more habitable space for future generations.

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