10 best air cooler brands in India (2024)

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10 best air cooler brands in India (2024)

As the temperature rises, making indoors cool becomes a need over want. While air conditioners are a popular choice, many prefer their more energy-efficient and cost-effective alternative: an air cooler. 

The first step while zeroing down on an air cooler is deciding what type and capacity is best suited for you. If your shortlisted products have similar features and prices, the deciding factor then is often the product’s brand. 

Here’s a guide to the best air cooler brands in India and what makes them special. Rest assured, all these brands offer great products across all price ranges.

Top 10 air cooler brands in India:

Whether you are looking for the best air cooler for your home or  your office cabin, there are multiple brands to explore. 

1. Symphony

2. Bajaj

3. Voltas

4. Blue Star

5. Croma

6. Havells

7. Usha

8. Crompton

9. Orient

10. Kenstar

1. Symphony

In the 1990s, when air conditioners were yet to become mainstream, Symphony single-handedly changed the way Indians beat the heat. The company is credited with making air coolers a desirable option due to their focus on design and functionality. Since then, Symphony has gone on to become the world’s largest manufacturer of air coolers. 

i-PURE technology in Symphony coolers uses a five-filter system to tackle a range of air pollutants like bacteria, dust, and allergens. This means you can breathe easy knowing you are getting not just cool, but clean air as well. Symphony is not just about cooling; it is about conscious cooling. So, the company’s air coolers are optimised for low power consumption, without compromising on cooling capabilities.

Symphony air cooler recommendations 

i. Symphony Sumo 75 XL 75 litres desert air cooler

ii. Symphony HiFLO 40 litres room air cooler

iii. Symphony HiCool 45i 45 litres room air cooler

2. Bajaj

The distinguishing features of Bajaj air coolers lie at their heart – the Bajaj DuraTuff Pro Motor and Bajaj DuraMarine Pro Pump.  

Both these trademarked technologies ensure incredible durability and efficiency. Some Bajaj air coolers boast a humidity control valve, as a part of the DuraMarine Pro Pump. 

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With this adjustment in the moisture level of the cooled air, you can achieve a more pleasant feeling, especially in high-humidity areas or during monsoon.

Bajaj air cooler recommendations 

i. Bajaj Shield Skive Nios 36 litres tower air cooler

ii. Bajaj Shield Specter 55 Litres desert air cooler 

iii. Bajaj Frio New 23 litres personal air cooler

3. Voltas

Better known for its air conditioners and refrigerators, Voltas offers a wide range of air coolers too. From room to desert, tower to window, Voltas makes all types of air coolers. 

Voltas brings its expertise in cooling technology to air coolers making them efficient and durable. Turbo air throw, inverter compatibility, and honeycomb cooling pads are some other features you can usually find in a Voltas cooler.

Voltas air cooler recommendations 

i. Voltas Alfa 28E 28 litres personal air cooler

ii. Voltas JetMax T 70 litres desert air cooler 

iii. Voltas Wind Eco 52 litres window air cooler 

4. Blue Star

Just like Voltas, Blue Star is a major air conditioning and refrigerating brand in India, that also offers air coolers. The brand’s air coolers are inverter compatible, meaning you don’t have to worry about losing the cool when the power cuts hit. 

An inconvenience about air coolers is having to fill their water tank regularly. To counter this, several Blue Star air coolers have an auto-fill feature. So, all you need to do is connect the cooler to a water source and relax. The cooler will automatically fill its tank as and when required.

Blue Star air cooler recommendations 

i. Blue Star Astra 35 litres personal air cooler

ii. Blue Star Astra 20 litres personal air cooler

iii. Blue Star Aura Neo 45 litres desert air cooler

5. Croma

Air conditioners are considered an investment because of their price tag. But if a decent air cooler seems a bit pricey too, Croma air coolers are for you. 

These coolers may not be crown jewels, but they do get the job done. Several Croma air coolers feature an anti-bacterial tank that keeps the water clean and a built-in mosquito and dust filter. 

Available in all sizes and price segments, you will find an air cooler by Croma that cools down your space without hurting your wallet.

Croma air cooler recommendations

i. Croma AZ30 30 litres tower air cooler

ii. Croma AZ35 35 litres personal air cooler

iii. Croma AZ60 60 litres desert air cooler

6. Havells

What do Louis Philippe, Lakme, and Havells have in common? They are all Indian brands that are assumed to be foreign. Founded in the late 1950s in Noida, Havells manufactures home appliances, lighting, modular switches, and lighting. The brand caters to a wider range of needs with its air cooler selection. 

Havells heavy-duty models pack a punch with powerful motors and robust construction for ultimate durability. The brand’s Breatheezee Technology for air purification reduces fine dust particles by 85 per cent. It also comes with specially processed anti-bacterial and anti-deformation honeycomb pads which further absorb the remaining dust particles.

Havells air cooler recommendations

i. Havells Breezo-i 35 litres personal air cooler

ii. Havells Koolaire-X 51 litres desert air cooler 

iii. Havells Tuono 22 litres personal air cooler

7. Usha

Yet another household name in India, Usha  is a top brand for air coolers. The brand’s coolers come with EcoCool evaporative cooling pads. These pads undergo special treatment to make them more cooling efficient and durable. 

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Usha air coolers are powered by a submersible pump, which as the brand suggests, gives an uninterrupted performance, even when running on dirty or hard water.

Usha air cooler recommendations 

i. Usha Dynamo 70 litres desert air cooler

ii. Usha Coolboy 35 litres personal air cooler 

iii. Usha AeroStyles 50 litres tower air cooler 

8. Crompton

What Voltas and Blue Star are to air conditioners, Crompton is to fans. But their air coolers are no slouch either. 

Crompton desert coolers generate powerful cool breezes that can cool all corners of your room. This is possible as they deliver air up to 5,500 m3 per hour and use high-density honeycomb cooling pads. Some other features found in Crompton air coolers include an easy-to-clean ice chamber, auto drain function, and mosquito nets to keep the cooler clean.

Crompton air cooler recommendations

i. Crompton Surebreeze 24 litres tower air cooler 

ii. Crompton Surebreeze 34 litres tower air cooler

iii. Crompton Ozone Classic H 55 litres desert air cooler

9. Orient

Sleek designs paired with convenient features make Orient a top brand of air coolers. Apart from a range of desert, tower, and personal air coolers, the brand also offers outdoor coolers or window coolers. 

Orient outdoor coolers can withstand extreme weather as they are made with powder-coated GPSP sheets. Their Humidity Control feature and a fragrance Chamber ensure the air you get is cool, pleasant, and fresh.

Orient air cooler recommendations 

i. Orient Premia 26 litres personal air cooler 

ii. Orient Ultimo 65 litres desert air cooler

iii. Orient Ultimo 50 litres desert air cooler

10. Kenstar

Concealed water pumps, ice chambers, and an auto drain function for cleaning are just some of the features the air coolers from Kenstar offer.

What’s more, the company, known for its tower, desert, as well as personal air coolers alike, also offers features such as collapsible louvres to prevent any dust from entering the air cooler unit, and double ball bearing motors which allow for a higher rate of air distribution in a room.

All of these ensure you always get maximum bang for your buck from their coolers, regardless of the model you purchase.

Kenstar air cooler recommendations 

i. Kenstar Slimline HC 50 litres desert air cooler

ii. Kenstar NIX 12 litres portable air cooler

iii. Kenstar Jett HC 40 litres personal air cooler 

These are the top 10 air cooler brands in India. You can explore all the best portable air coolers from these brands (and a few more) here.

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