Love gaming? 5 top game streaming accounts you should follow

See how the pro gamers play

Love gaming? 5 top game streaming accounts you should follow


You just bought a new gaming laptop or desktop, loaded up your favourite titles and had a few rounds. While you may be good at gaming, one can’t help but wonder how others are going about their GTA V mission or strategizing their Fortnite kills or even building large Minecraft worlds.

The one-stop destination for all your gaming queries is Twitch, a popular streaming platform where you can find everything from walkthroughs to casual gameplay of your favourite titles. However, if you’re new to Twitch, knowing which accounts to follow may seem like an overwhelming task given the sheer choice of streamers out there. Here are some of the top Twitch accounts to follow for some of the most popular titles.

5 game streaming accounts on Twitch you should follow

Ninja: Richard Tyler Blevins, or simply, ‘Ninja’ is one of the most popular streamers on the platform. The American gamer regularly streams his Fortnite gameplays, but also indulges in other competitive games like Roblox.

Shroud: Michael Grzesiek or Shroud has over 1 crore followers on stream and is known for his PUBG, DayZ, Valorant, Tom Clancy’s Rainbox Six Siege as well as other titles like Lego Star Wars and Hogwarts Legacy.

Pokemane: Moroccan-Canadian streamer Imane Anys or as she is popularly known, Pokemane, is one of the platforms most popular female streamers. She is known for her Overwatch 2 streams, but also other games like GTA V and Valorant.

Summit1g: Jaryd Lazar or summit1g is an ex-competitive Counter-Strike player, but the American streamer is now popular for his DayZ, Star Wars Battlefront II and Max Payne 3 streams. A consistent streamer, summit1g will stream content on most days except Thursdays.

Syndicate: Tom ‘Syndicate’ Cassel is yet another popular streamer on Twitch. The first streamer to hit a million followers on the platform back in 2014, Syndicate today has a large fanbase and streams games like Call of Duty: Vanguard, Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Minecraft and even some Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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