8 Types of ACs to choose for your home

Yes, there are that many!

8 Types of ACs to choose for your home

Air conditioners, or ACs, are essential to our lives since they relieve us from the scorching heat. They come in various shapes, each designed to meet particular needs and preferences. 

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While split ACs have separate indoor and outdoor units connected by refrigerant lines, window ACs are small and fit into windows. But did you know there are eight types of ACs? Yes, you read right! Here’s what you need to know about them.

Types of AC: Know more about the eight types

There are numerous varieties of ACs available, each with unique qualities and benefits. Read on to know which ones suit your needs best: 

1. Split ACs

Perhaps the most common AC type found today is the split AC. It generally comprises an inside and an outside unit. The outdoor unit is positioned outside the building, whereas the indoor unit is set up within the room. Refrigerant pipelines link these units. Split ACs use less energy, run quietly, and give perfect control over the temperature.

2. Ductless mini-split ACs

Mini-split ACs without ductwork function similarly to traditional split ACs. They are made up of one or more interior units that are placed on walls or ceilings and one or more outdoor units. Without significant duct installation, these ACs were perfect for cooling specific zones, including rooms.

3. Hybrid ACs

Traditional AC technology and heat pump features are combined in hybrid ACs, better known as hot and cold ACs. They are appropriate for year-round use because they can both offer cooling and heating. Hybrid ACs are cost-effective and energy-efficient by incorporating heat pump technology during milder seasons. Check out here.

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4. Geothermal ACs

Geothermal ACs use the natural heat of the Earth to provide cooling. During cooling cycles, they use underground pipes to move heat from the building to the ground. Despite their high initial cost, geothermal ACs are highly energy-efficient and environmentally benign.

5. Portable ACs

Portable ACs are separate devices which are simple to move from one room to another. In most cases, they comprise a single unit with an exhaust hose that must be vented through a window or wall. Since they don’t need to be permanently installed, portable ACs can benefit from quick cooling solutions.

8 Types of ACs to choose for your home
6. Smart ACs

With their advanced capabilities and connectivity possibilities, smart ACS enable users to monitor and handle their smart AC systems from a distance using smartphones or other smart devices. These ACs offer customisable settings, monitoring energy usage, and smart home or voice assistant systems connectivity.

7. Central ACs

Central ACs can cool homes or entire buildings. Each room receives chilled air through vents from a central unit connected to a system of ducts. Central ACs can be regulated centrally and offer continuous cooling across the building.

8. Window ACs

Window ACs are independent units placed in a window or a specific wall hole. They comprise a single unit that houses the compressor, condenser, and evaporator, among other parts. Window ACs are reasonably priced and effective at cooling single rooms.

Knowing a little about the many kinds of ACs out there helps you choose the best AC for your needs. While split ACs offer energy efficiency and precise temperature control, window ACs are most effective in single rooms. Although ductless mini-split ACs are perfect for cooling particular regions or rooms without ductwork, portable ACs offer convenience and mobility. You can select the best type of AC to create a comfortable interior environment all year by considering your unique requirements and desires.

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