Gaming Laptops v Gaming PCs: What should I buy?

Tough choice for gaming enthusiasts, we can help to choose

Gaming Laptops v Gaming PCs: What should I buy?

Choosing between a gaming laptop and a PC is a classic dilemma, especially since both have their advantages. While learning about the features of both a Gaming Laptop and a Gaming PC, will definitely go a long way in deciding what’s better for you, your budget also plays an important role in selecting the right machine for you. So, if you are looking for a gaming Hulk under a certain budget, keep reading to decide on the best gaming computer.

Gaming laptops

Portability is the biggest advantage of a gaming laptop. They come with various integrated devices and convenient features. With gaming laptops, you don’t need an extra webcam, sound system, monitor, or CPU. Gaming peripherals like mouse and headsets are easy to carry. But there is the cost of choosing a gaming laptop as there is no upgrading or customisation option.

Gaming PCs

With a Gaming Desktop, you have the flexibility to customise and upgrade your system as per your requirements. You can always keep up with the new games on the market by upgrading your graphics card and processor.

However, when you don’t invest in peripherals, you cannot do anything with the monitor and CPU alone. Desktops need everything at an added cost and there is no battery attached to it.

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Now let us consider different factors one by one to make your buying decision easier.

Which gaming rig performs better?

Whether it is a gaming laptop or PC, graphics will perform the same for both.

Gaming Laptops with the latest technology are robust, efficient, and sturdy. That said, there is a performance limitation because of thermal considerations.

When buying a desktop, performance is considered as the main factor because desktops can be customised as per your needs. Desktops always have a performance edge when high-end components are included. Because of better cooling and airflow, the performance of the desktops never degrades, especially in demanding situations. On any given setting, games run smoothly on the desktop.

Gaming Laptops v Gaming PCs: What should I buy?

A laptop is more portable than a PC

If you’re a gamer who’s always on the move, a desktop may not always be your first choice. A gaming laptop is obviously far more portable than a gaming PC. You won’t need a full-time external power source and when they discharge, you can simply plug it into the nearest power source in, say, an overnight train or even an aircraft.

Gaming desktops are bulkier, and have many peripheral devices, making them difficult to carry everywhere. Desktop experiences are mostly limited to one place.

Heat, power consumption and noise

Whether you land yourself a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop, do not expect it to be quiet. A desktop may be relatively quieter, but it also consumes more power.

Gaming laptops are compact and slim, and therefore cooling fans are not very efficient to move air quickly. Also, the heat is concentrated in a smaller area creating a heating issue for the gaming laptop. A gaming laptop hardly consumes 200-300 watts when at full load.

Gaming desktops are quieter and boast of effective cooling features. There is hardly any heating issue in gaming PCs and thermal distributions work perfectly. When it comes to power consumption, gaming desktops need anything between 500 -1000 watts or more when high-end configuration components are attached.

PC is better suited for upgrading

It’s difficult to upgrade even the best gaming laptops, but gaming desktops can be easily upgraded since their internal components are easily available to buy.

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The only things you can upgrade in a gaming laptop are RAM and storage. Unless you are opting for a modern gaming laptop that boasts of a modular layout, it is next to impossible to upgrade the CPU or GPU. When PCs start showing signs of ageing, all you have to do is replace old hardware and your gaming PCs will be as good as new.

Customising a PC is easier

Yes, you can build your PCs by combing different components together, but this is not possible with gaming laptops.

When buying a gaming laptop, the only options that you can choose from are RAM, storage capacity, screen size, processor configuration, and graphics card. It gives you a limited number of customizable options, mostly from pre-existing factors.

However, a gaming desktop allows for easy swapping of features. You can not only choose the colour and screen size of your choice, but you can also build your CPU suited for top-level performance.

Gaming Laptops v Gaming PCs: The verdict

When tallying the results, gaming desktops are always a better option for hardcore gamers. But there is no one answer for everybody, it totally depends on your choice and priority. If your priority is more bang for your money, easy up-gradation option and last longing device then go with the gaming PCs.

But if you have other priorities like portability, go with the gaming laptops. It is better to list down your priorities first and then hunt for the best option.

 Gaming Laptops v Gaming PC

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