How to buy the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition for under Rs 50,000

Your favourite gaming console just got a whole lot cheaper

How to buy the PlayStation 5 Disc Edition for under Rs 50,000

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 Slim in India on April 5. Now, the PS5 Slim’s Disc and Digital Editions cost the same as the standard PS5’s Disc and Digital Editions – That is, Rs 54,990 and Rs 44,990 respectively. But if that’s got you confused, here’s an exciting Croma deal that will make you consider the “older” PS5. Read on to know about this offer, wherein you can get Sony PS5 for about Rs 13,000 cheaper.

What are the offers on the PS5 Disc Edition on Croma?

At the time of writing this story, the PS5 Disc Edition can be purchased from Croma with a Rs 10,000 discount, which brings the price tag down to Rs 44,990.

In addition to this, the PS5 bundles, including the DualSense bundle, as well as the Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, EA Sports FC 24, Cricket 24, and Marvel’s Spiderman 2 bundles, can be purchased with up to Rs 13,000 discounts.

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This means that depending on the bundle you purchase, you can effectively buy the PS5 Disc Edition under Rs 50,000.

Bear in mind however, while this offer is applicable on Croma’s website as well as its stores across the country, it is only valid until April 30. In addition to this, the offer is also valid until stocks last.

Why should you consider getting the PS5 Disc Edition?

While the PS5 Disc Edition may certainly have gotten a whole lot cheaper, you may be grappling with the question of just why you should invest in one, considering the new PS5 Slim is here. Well, this is because even though it is older, the Standard PS5 and PS5 Slim are both identical in terms of specs.

Both consoles use an 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 processor, which is coupled with an AMD RDNA 2 graphics card, and 16GB RAM. In addition to this, both also have Tempest 3D audio tech and support for 4K video output, as well as a 120Hz refresh rate support for compatible games.

The only difference between the two (minus a 30 per cent larger footprint on the former), is that of storage space. The newer PS5 Slim also gets a 1TB SSD with roughly 850GB of usable space, while the standard PS5 gets an 825GB SSD, with about 660GB of usable space.

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If you can live with a slightly smaller storage capacity then, and have enough space in your home for the standard PS5, the console makes for a great investment right now. So, hurry up, head on over to a Croma store today, and bring home your PS5 now!

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