How to pick the right TV size

A bigger TV may not always be the best choice

How to pick the right TV size

Deciding on the right size for your brand-new TV is important. In most cases, people are in awe of a bigger screen, but that isn’t always the deciding factor. Apart from the TV not fitting on your console unit or wall, having a TV too close to viewing is also not a good idea. But if you’re wondering how to zero into the right size, we have a guide to help you pick better. 

What sizes do TVs come in?

TVs today come in different sizes, ranging from 24 inches to 98 inches, and some beyond that as well. We can categorise these sizes into small, medium, and large TVs. Small-sized TVs come in sizes between 24-39 inches. Similarly, medium-sized TVs come in the range of 40-60 inches. This medium range includes 4K TVs, too. And large-screen TVs come in sizes of 60 plus inches. Several brands also give you an option of having 8K resolution in this range.

How to pick the right TV size

How to check a TV's size

Before you bring home a TV, checking the screen size is important. This will also help you effectively determine the ideal viewing distance you should have. The below methods will help you check the TV’s size:

Checking product description

Whether you are looking for a TV online or directly from a shop, you will find the size in the product description. Screen size is always shown on the packaging of your TV.

Steps to measure screen size diagonally

1. You will need a measuring tape to measure screen size.

2. Put the start of your tape on the top left corner of the LED TV’s panel. Do not include any outer surface like a bezel.

3. Pull the end of the tape towards the bottom right corner of your TV.

4. You will get the screen size in inches.

With the above steps, you will get to know if the size of your TV in the product description is correct.

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Steps to measure the width of a TV

The width of your TV is less than the screen size. For example, a TV with a 60-inch screen size will have a 50-inch width. But measuring the width is crucial as it will tell you if the TV fits on the wall or cabinet.

1. From the left edge of the TV, run your tape horizontally towards the right edge.

2. Don’t exclude bezels on both ends while measuring the width.

Steps to measure the height of your TV

Checking the height of your TV is equally important. Checking the height again tells you if your cabinet and wall can fit your TV.
1. Run your tape from the top to the bottom panel of your TV.
2. Don’t exclude bezels on both ends while checking height.

How to calculate the viewing distance while purchasing a TV

The first step when deciding on a TV is to measure the dimensions of the model and see whether it fits your existing cabinet or wall space at home. One should ideally leave 2 to 3 inches of space around the TV for easy access to the back panel.

Along with height and width, you also need to consider viewing distance to choose the right screen size. Viewing distance means at what distance you will be watching your TV. You can decide on the distance by seeing how spacious your room is. 

Once you decide on the viewing distance in inches, multiply it by 0.84. You will get a reliable screen size number. Height, width, and viewing distance help you decide on the screen size. Whether small or big, explore Croma’s Republic Day sale to find a TV that fits perfectly in your space.

 How to check Tv size

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