Inverter AC or 5-star AC: What is better?

Helping you make a smarter choice

Inverter AC or 5-star AC: What is better?

Buying an AC can be a tad overwhelming if you don’t know what you are looking for. You can get lost in the jargon of endless buzzwords which will just make you even more confused than ever. Take for instance terms like inverter AC and 5-star ACs, how do they differ? Which of them is better? To help you make an informed choice, we compare the two.

What is an inverter AC, and its advantages?

Inverter AC is a type of split AC, which uses variable motor/compressor speeds. It means that the AC can run at different speeds to ensure the room is cooled at an optimum temperature.

Contrary to a standard fixed-speed motor, an inverter AC will adjust the temperature without regularly turning the motor on or off. This saves energy consumption as the AC isn’t always running at a fixed maximum speed or frequently turning on or off.

Advantages of Inverter AC

1. They consume less power than standard ACs.

2. They maintain constant room temperature.

3. They are safe for residential wiring as well.

4. They produce better effective cooling.

5. They are comparatively less noisy than other types of ACs.

6. They are more environmentally friendly.

What is a 5-star AC, and its advantages?

A star rating is provided by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in India. It is an indicator of energy efficiency. All ACs have an energy efficiency ratio mentioned on them, which is the ratio between cooling provided in an hour to the energy consumed in an hour. And based on this ratio, ACs are given a star rating out between one and five, with five being the highest rated ACs.

Advantages of 5-star ACs

5-star is the highest rating given by BEE to any appliance including an air conditioner. Since this is a standard for measuring energy efficiency thus, their biggest advantage is they are the most energy-efficient AC on the market thus they will consume less power while providing better effective cooling.

What is best for you?

One thing to understand here is this is not an ‘either-or’ question. It is to be noted that all 5-star ACs are inverter ACs. Thus, it is not a question of getting either one or the other. A 5-star inverter AC will provide you not just effective cooling but also remain energy efficient as well.

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